apresmoi (apresmoi) wrote in lion_lamb,

fic: this warm rush (5/???)

title: this warm rush (5/???)
fandom: twilight
character/pairing: edward/bella
summary: au. edward never returned to carlisle, his "rebellious years" stretching into decades. bella is in seattle, avoiding a dance and looking to buy some books. but she's a danger magnet, and ends up attracting something she never expected.
rating: m for sexual situations and dark themes
author(s): </p>apresmoiand rydia
disclaimer: not our sandbox, just our plastic toys, tyvm.
a/n: this is a jointly-written fic, based on an au dark!edward/bella rp between myself and rydia. i play bella, and edward (fantastic, dark edward) is portrayed by emma. this chapter lovingly beta'd by jacyevansand kaiwynn, all remaining mistakes are ours, etc etc. ♥

( this boy was lucky. if he hadn’t made that promise to refrain from hunting in forks, he’d have been dead the second he thought about kissing bella. )
Tags: fanfiction

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