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The Vampires of Breaking Dawn

Just a precaution - below the lj-cut is a bunch of information about the abilities of the vampires in the Twilight series. Most are from the final book of the series, Breaking Dawn, so that would be considered spoilery. Proceed with caution!

I couldn't think of a better place to post this, so here I am. I'm hoping this hasn't been posted before and if it has, I'm terribly sorry.

As a fan of many (almost all, in fact) of the characters in the Twilight series, when I have too much time on my hands, I love thinking about the vampires and their many, many abilities/talents. I'm sure I'm not the only one that read Breaking Dawn and finished it feeling dazed and loaded with information. So, I think it might be fun to put together a post of all the vampires and their special abilities/talents. I have a list from the back of Breaking Dawn below the cut and hopefully, you guys can help me list all of the abilities of each vampire! (This is kind of like a game, if you can't tell, rofl.) Proper names for the abilities are appreciated and encouraged. Have fun! :D

Vampire Index.

Alphabetically by coven
~ ~
* vampire possesses a quantifiable supernatural talent
- bonded pair (oldest listed first)
struck deceased by the time Breaking Dawn ended

The Amazon Coven
Zafrina* (Illusionist/Creates the Illusions of Her Choice)

The Denali Coven
Eleazar* (Senses the Talent of Others) - Carmen
Irina - Laurent
Kate* (Produces an Electric Current on the Surface of Her Skin) - Garrett

The Egyptian Coven
Amun - Kebi
Benjamin* (Control of the Elements) - Tia

The Irish Coven
Maggie* (Can Tell When Someone is Less than Truthful)
Siobhan* (Can Will Things To Go Her Way) - Liam

The Olympic Coven
Carlisle - Esme
Edward* (Current Mind Reader) - Bella* (Mind Shield)
Jasper* (Empath/Controls Emotions) - Alice* (Psychic/Sees the Future)
Renesmee* (Telepathic/Communicates through Skin-to-Skin Contact & Able to Break Through Mental & Physical Shields)
Rosalie - Emmett

The Romanian Coven

The Volturi Coven
Aro* (Mind Reader by Touch) - Sulpicia
Caius - Athenodora
Marcus* (Sees Relationships & Their Strengths/Weaknesses) - Didyme* (?)

The Volturi Guard (Partial)
Alec* (Numbs the Senses)
Chelsea* (Ability to Loosen/Strengthen Emotional Ties) - Afton* (?)
Corin* (?)
Demetri* (Extremely Gifted Tracker)
Heidi*(Illusionist/Ability to Lure Others & Create the Illusion of Desire)
Jane* (Illusionist/Creates the Illusion of Severe Pain)
Renata* (Physical Shield)

The American Nomads (Partial)
James* (Tracker/Finds Victims Through Personality Traits) - Victoria* (Sense of Self Preservation)
Peter - Charlotte

The European Nomads (Partial)
Alistair* (Tracker/Feels an Elusive Pull to a Subject)
Charles* (Can Tell When Someone is Less than Truthful) - Makenna

Note: Thanks for helping put this together! Everyone that replied totally rocks! I checked Wikipedia's List of Twilight Characters and according to that website: Didyme, Corin, Afton, and Heidi's powers have not yet, but revealed, but I know a lot of you are sure about Heidi's power, so I've left what we filled in. For now, the list is as complete as it can be. (: Feel free to add this page to your LJ memories for future references. I promise not to delete this post! :D

P.S. I didn't really feel like this was all that spoilery. Pretty much everyone know that there will be multiple vampires that we didn't know in previous books, right? If not, you must be living under a rock. ;) If the mods want me to put this under a cut, just let me know!