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This is it, Chapter 1

Title: This Is It, Chapter 1
Author: alannalynn
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: New Moon, some events from Eclipse.
Genre: AU to end of NM, and Eclipse/BD.
Pairing: Normal pairings.
Summary: Did I commit some unspeakable sin when I entered his world? Some sin that you can’t back out of, that you can’t remove? I belong nowhere. Not in his world, and not with humans, either. My fault. Mea culpa. This is what it comes to. This is it.
Disclaimer: I am not SM. I only wish. She owns all characters. ;)


I did the only thing I could think to do, and probably the stupidest choice in a situation like this. I ran towards the house.

All those years of Charlie teaching me proper safety. All those years of him telling me not to talk to strangers,  to not willingly put myself into danger. All the times he kept his personal life separate from his job, his work. And I stupidly ignored all the warnings going off in my head, and headed toward the danger! What was wrong with me?!

I didn’t have any second thoughts, and by the time I got to the front door, I realized I should have. I should have gotten in my truck and tried to drive away. I should have left my father there to suffer--No. I shouldn’t have. I would never leave him. He’s been through too much already because of me. What did I have anymore to live for anyways? This was it. This was my end. Laurent told me this. He told me she would come for me!

The time it took to think through all of that was time enough. Time enough for Victoria to turn away from my father’s lifeless corpse, towards me.

“Charlie! No!” I screamed.

Run. Run now. Go!

No, no, no. Not now. Why must he warn me now? Why not while I was still outside, still had a chance? I continued to be frozen in place, by terror, acceptance.

Run Bella run!

So I listened, turned, and ran. But not fast enough. Never fast enough, not for them, anyways.

“No. You can’t run from me, sweet pet. Not now. Not ever,” Victoria cooed in to my ear as she grabbed me from behind. She dragged me back into the house, my house… Charlie’s house.

“No, no, please no,” I begged of her, with tears streaming down my face. Oh, Charlie. She can’t be doing this! She pulled away from me, to look, with her bright red eyes and glowing orange hair framing her beautiful face.

“Where is he? I want him to see this,” she spoke as she stood, and I felt the familiar pang in my chest telling me he was gone.

Tell her I’m still here.

His beautiful, chiming voice was trying the same trick as with Laurent. But I didn’t want to listen this time. What more was there to live for in this world? She can just end this for me now…

“He-he’s gone. He… He left,” I spluttered out the most difficult words I’ve ever spoken. Words that ripped my hole further. My angel is gone. He can’t save me now. Gone. Gone like Jacob. Gone like Charlie, like me.

I’m still here. Why did you not listen to me?!? WHY?!

No. He didn’t just hear me think that. Hear me? What am I thinking? He was not here. He didn’t care.

“Gone. He left you? He left his pathetic pet of a human? Why?” she demanded.

And so I dredged up the memories of the worst night of my life. The end of my life as a complete human being and told her the truth.

“H-he said he didn’t love me anymore. He d-didn’t w-want me.” Why lie? It wouldn’t make a difference. This would still be my last painful night on Earth. This was it.

She laughed at me. She actually laughed. My tears flowed faster, my heart breaking more than it already was. He left me. She was here now, and he had left me when I needed his protection most. What irony.

“What a splendid circumstance. Why kill you now? I’ve decided I like having you around, to counter his wants, his needs,” she reeled in laughter, enjoying this game.

“What do- what do you--”

I didn’t have time to finish my sentence, for at that point she slammed me up against the wall. I felt something break, and I relished in the pain, still crying. Bring it on.

But what was she talking about? I tried to speak again, but I couldn’t get anything out. She’d thought of something. Why was she so proud of herself? What kind of conclusion was not killing me, especially when I’d already accepted it? Why was she still hurting me?

She was looking at me with thirst and longing. That was when I realized I was bleeding. She can’t still be thirsty, not after Charlie… Charlie. My dad. Oh, no. Not my Charlie.

That was when she bit into me.

A/N: What do you think? Did I match up to what you expected? Give me any suggestions/compliments/complaints with a comment. Thanks for reading!
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