Kay (kjcharmed) wrote in lion_lamb,

TL - Wasting My Time (Contest Vid)

Here's the result of the recent Twilight contest I held over on youtube, thanks guys for all your ideas :P

Wasting My Time
Music: Default
Summary: Jacob Blacks feelings for Bella and how he feels about her and Edward. This takes place through New Moon and Eclipse. Jakes thinking back on when it was just him and Bella, when things were simple and easy. (New Moon) He then decides that he can take no more pain, he chooses to leave (Eclipse)
Request: Well done to EowynVala. Thanks for the song hun.
Livejournal/Youtube: http://kjcharmed.livejournal.com/#kjcharmed35483

Sorry the graphics are complete crap. By the time I've made the vid, I have no patience for Adobe Photoshop.

Tags: fan videos

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