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Are you suffering from post-BD disorder? Then we have the solution for you!

Posted with permission from poetrytoprose :D

If you didn't already know, the Twilight series isn't all that Stephenie Meyer's written. Earlier this year she also released "The Host", her first YA novel. A Sci-Fi novel for people who don't read Sci-Fi.

The Host follows a post-alien invasion Earth. The aliens have won and are using humans as 'hosts', taking over their minds and bodies. Melanie Stryder is among the few survivors, but when she is captured, 'Wanderer', her alien soul, has trouble seeing clearly into Melanie's mind. The strong-willed Melanie refuses to let Wanderer take over. Too SciFi for you? How about a love triangle between Melanie, the man she's in love with, and the alien who's taken over Melanie's mind? That's THREE minds and TWO bodies! Slightly creepy? Yes, but a totally awesome read with surprise twists and turns!

Join the_host_novel!

Weekly discussion prompts and chapter summaries, fanfic, fan art, fanmixes, and much more!

Check it all out right HERE

Thank you! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming :]
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