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modly reminder.

For some reason, we've had a lot of posts coming through the queue that don't meet our minimum graphics requirement. Yes, we do have one! If you don't know it, it's in our profile, and here it is for your eyes to see here (emphasis is my own):
09. Icon posts that are not tagged, have previews that are not Twilight-related, don't link directly to the specific graphics post, and/or don't have a minimum of 20 Edward and/or Bella icons will be rejected. If you have less than 20 E/B icons or if you have no icons at all, you must have a minimum of 4 other E/B graphics (wallpapers, banners...). Please only preview 3-4 icons. DO NOT INCLUDE BREAKING DAWN SPOILERS IN YOUR ICON PREVIEWS.

Yes, we know that it sucks that we have requirements and you can't share your two E/B icons or your one wallpaper, but we really DO need to set a limit somewhere or the comm would get flooded. Just keep in mind that on slow days we let around 30 posts through -- not counting the ones we have to reject. Plus, keep in mind that we have had complaints in the past to remove graphics altogether, so PLEASE follow the rules.

Likewise, please check the community before posting news, pictures, etc.

On that note, I've been curious about ways to improve the community. If you're so inclined, fill this out for the mods to look over. Comments are screened and will only be visible to us.

Finally, our second to last reminder about our Write your own Breaking Dawn contest. All entries are due on the 19th, so don't forget to submit yours!
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