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Edward in Breaking Dawn

I quite enjoyed Breaking Dawn overall, but I agree with certain parts of this review of the book--especially those referring to Edward's character--published in The Sydney Morning Herald.

Read the entire article here. It contains a new depiction of the book cover, too, as well as SPOILERS.

Under the cut, I highlight the parts of the review that are pertinent to Edward, and pose a question for discussion.

Excerpts from the article:

"Meyer intends to connect all four characters intimately but it just doesn't pack the same emotional punch. This ring-in refocuses Bella's priorities, effectively sidelining Edward...

Meyer denies Edward intimacy with the new character, denies Edward any pivotal heroic act and even his delicious argumentative banter with Bella dries up. The couple's primal love - so seductive in earlier books - becomes almost background muzak.

In a less crowded plot, Meyer might have satisfactorily bolstered Edward's role but the entire supernatural cast from three novels reassembles...

Meyer's imagination is prodigious, her plot twists are surprising and emotional crises are described in delightfully overblown prose. Her nuanced dialogue captures each character and some one-liners make us laugh out loud. Many tender, romantic moments remain.

However, it is Edward who has powered this series' cult status and he has lost his heroic centre stage..."


Most of the negative reviews I've read have to do with the plot itself, or Bella being a Mary Sue, or Bella "having it all" without any "sacrifice". This review's focus on Edward (i.e., the lack of him) really strikes a chord with me, though. While Bella remains the key character in the series, for me this is as much Edward's story, too.

Since Meyer had written Bella and Edward as parents, then I would have wanted to see that aspect fleshed out further (might as well go all out in depicting this new stage in their relationship/love). I would have appreciated seeing more intimacy between Edward and Reneesme. I know this was suggested in the book--i.e., the special way they seem to communicate with each other, his gift of music to her, etc etc. But I would want to see more of Edward being a father. As it was, Jacob seemed to spend more time with Reneesme. :( And what did having a child do for Edward? Did he finally see himself as possessing a soul? Does he still see himself as a monster after having created this magical child? These issues were not explored.

So I want to ask the people here: WHAT would you have wanted Edward to DO or BE in Breaking Dawn? What would you have wanted to happen for his character?
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