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FF Updated - Friends to lovers

Hey Everyone! Chapter two is up! I hope you like it :D

Friends to lovers
Author: whoremosexual 
Characters/Pairing: Edward and Bella. All of the other Twilight couples will show their faces. :D
Rating: M
Category: Drama/Romance
Spoilers: There's no spoilers to any of the books. This is a BIG AU and there will be a lot of lemons
Summary: Bella and Edward are best friends who secretly loved each other but what happens when they add benefits to their relationship?
Notes: Thanks to Galadeon over at FF.net for being my beta! :D

Read chapter. 2 - The aftermath here or start with the preface


My body crashed onto the bed as soon as we were done. The only sound was our heavy breathing. There were no words that could explain how I felt. Just having Bella in the bed next to me felt amazing.

“Wow...wow...wow,” Bella mumbled as she wiped the sweat off of her forehead.

I couldn't say anything. No words would come out. When we finally looked into each other's eyes, we didn't talk or move. Her brown eyes and my green eyes burned together. I saw something in Bella's eyes that I wish I hadn't. Sadness took over her eyes. Even though I would never regret what we just did, I could see that she did. I felt a sharp pain in my heart. Just seeing that in her eyes proved to me that she could never love me the way I love her.

Bella rolled over to me then wrapped her arms around my waist. After I got over the shock of her doing that, I draped my arm around her shoulders then kissed the top of her head. Within minutes she was asleep but I stayed up, looking at the beautiful angel that was holding onto me, wishing she could be my beautiful angel.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember was my alarm clock beeping. With my eyes still closed, I hit the “off” button. I started to search for Bella but couldn't find her. I opened my eyes to see that I was in my bed, alone.

There's no way last night could be a dream, right? In the corner of my eye, I noticed Bella's blue laced bra was on my nightstand. I smiled to myself.

So, last night wasn't a dream and I did in fact have the best sex of my life but I fell asleep with Bella in my arms and now she's not. Did she leave? Was she just somewhere in my apartment? I needed to see her so I jumped out of bed then pulled on a pair of sweats.

“No, Alice, I'm not dead. I'm fine.” Bella was sitting on the sofa with one of my long shirts that went almost to her knees. Her cell phone was pinned to her ear as she played with a lock of her hair. “Alice, I'm talking to you so how could I be in a ditch?” She sighed then noticed me. “Um...I have to go. I will be home soon.” She closed her phone.

I couldn't help but to smile “Hey.”

“H-hey.” Bella's cheeks became red as she dropped her head.

I couldn't help but to sit next to her. I put my index finger under her chin and gently pushed her head up. She started to chew on her button lip.

“What's wrong?” I asked as I put her head in between my hands.

Bella looked into my eyes for a minute then jumped up “I have to go. Alice is worried sick about me.” She started to walk to my bedroom when I stopped her.

“We need to talk about this.” Even though I was scared to death about her regretting it, I knew we needed to talk about it.

“There's nothing to talk about. We had sex. That's it.” Yet again, she tried to walk away but I stopped her, again.

“Yeah, we had sex but it wasn't some meaningless one nightstand. We're best friends. That's a big thing.”

Bella ran her fingers through her hair before talking again. “Fine, Edward. It was the best sex of my life and all I want to do is pull you into that bed of yours and have my way with you.”

My ego was doing flips at the moment. I found nothing wrong with doing a replay of last night so I pulled her into my arms then kissed her. Bella's hands pulled at the back of my neck, trying to pull me closer. Everything was going perfect until she pulled away.

Bella groaned as she walked away from me “I have to take a shower. I smell like...sex with you.” She walked into the bathroom then almost slammed the door.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I thought over and over in my head. Yes, she did enjoy herself last night but she didn't want to do it again.

I walked to the bathroom door, wanting to know and see if she was okay. It felt like an hour had passed when I decided to leave her be. Before I could move an inch, Bella opened the door. She already took off my shirt so her beautiful naked body was visible.

Bella took a hold of my hand then pulled me into the bathroom. I could feel myself already getting hard. She didn't say anything but I knew from the lust in her eyes, she wanted me. Bella walked into the shower then she almost moaned my name.


I didn't waste anytime. I pulled off my sweatpants then jumped into the shower.

Bella put her back against the shower wall as she grabbed my waist, pulling me closer to her. I didn't know how much more mind games I could take but if I always got an happy ending with Bella, I would gladly welcome them.

Bella wrapped one of her legs around my waist as I entered into her. I started to rock into her slowly but she didn't like that.

“Harder, Edward.” She moaned.

I did as I was told. Thrusting myself deeper into her.

“Edward! Edward!” Bella moaned so loud. I loved every time my name would fall out of her mouth so I rocked harder and faster, just to hear it again.

“Oh god, Bella!” I cried out which made her smile.

I watched Bella as every orgasm hit her. It had to be one of most indescribable things I had ever seen. She would slightly open her mouth while her eyes went wide as soon as I came to her. The second it would start to fade, She would bite her button lip.

When we were finished, I picked up Bella's body then carried her to my bed. I knew what she thought we were about to do because she tried to pull me down onto the bed.

“Nope.” I told her. I started to go through the bedroom, picking up her clothes, bra and underwear. I got on my knees then gently put on her underwear then her pants. I looked up at her to see that she was upset. “Bella, I would love to make you moan my name again but I know my sister and she will end up calling the police if she doesn't see you soon.”

Bella smiled down at me “Yeah, you are right but we really need to talk about...you know.”

“I know. Let's have dinner tonight. We can talk things over.” I didn't like the idea of her being away from me for that long but I would have to get used to it.

“Ok. I think I can finish getting ready.” I smiled at her then I got up from the ground.

As she finished dressing herself, I got myself ready. When I walked her to the door, all I wanted was to keep her in my arms. “So, I will pick you up at seven. I will make dinner.” I told her.

“Sounds good. Edward...Last night and this morning was better then amazing.” Her cheeks stayed a bright red.

“Same for me.” I bent down then gave her one long kiss.

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