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Fanfiction: Trick or Treat

Title: Trick or Treat
Characters/Pairing: Bella/Edward fea. Charlie
Rating: PG
Category: Humor & Romance
Spoilers: hardly any. nothing extreme or relevant to plot.
Summary: Not only is it hot, and 'that time of the month' for Bella, but this Halloween isn't turning out so great. There's some chocolate mishaps and near burning down of houses, not to mention some... Eggs. Bella sorta looses it, and for once Edward doesn't do anything to prevent all these mistakes. In Bella's crazy moody 'I'm on my period' mind...
Chapter two {took me long enough} / If you missed chapter one...

*Carlisle bless wm_law2003, bexi21, humaax3 for telling me about my links being broke. :D FIXED NOW!!
Tags: fanfiction

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