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|In My Arms| Fanfiction Chap. 3

Title: In My Arms
Rated: R (For evilness)
Characters: Edward/Bella etc.
Summary: Edward takes Bella on the perfect honeymoon around Europe starting in the Lake District, England. However after her demands are fulfilled an unexpected and unwanted intervention tears them both and their world apart...But could it be forever?

|Previous chapters|
Preface & Chap.1 - In My Arms
Chap.2 - Hell, Right Smack in the Middle of Heaven

|New chapter!|


After being towed for a considerable distance the cold hands released me. Edward’s snarls had grown to the same volume as my footsteps, and were rapidly growing more inaudible. At that point the fear overwhelmed me and my knees buckled beneath me. I didn’t move once I fell to the ground, barely noticing the silent tears that rolled down my cheeks. After my mind caught up with what had happened. My head snapped up, seeking enlightenment.

My captor stood above me, smirking in a way that made my stomach turn in terror. Sinister burgundy eyes seemed to dominate his face, although they were reasonably well proportioned and one peeked out from a few loose strands of blond hair, and I knew why. Beacause they sealed my fate.

From the deathly pale, frigid skin and his confident stance I could tell that I was even less likely to walk away from this than if he were human.

Grabbing my arm roughly, ignoring my pathetic struggles, he drew something from his coat. Fear gripped me, yet again, with an even more crippling force. A sharp scratch in the crease of my elbow brought me sharply back to the present. As I turned my head to examine the cause, I felt my eyelids droop with drowsiness. I blinked, momentarily forgetting how to open them again. I caught sight of a needle and it all, agonizingly slowly, clicked into place. A sedative.

I could no longer restrain the exhaustion that was seeping through my mind. My eyelids fluttered close and I tried, with fierce defiance, to cling to the last scraps of my conciousness unwilling to sink into the blackness that was growing closer ever passing second.

The last thing I felt was being slung over a stone shoulder. His bones bones dug into my stomach with an uncomfortable pressure, like a blunt knife. And then the waves of sedative finally won and pulled me under.
When I woke up, I felt awful. My brain churned sluggishly, trying to find the memories that would explain why I was here. Nothing would come at first.

The floor beneath me was uneven and hard. Freezing cold as well. My body ached, in some places more than others, most likely because I had slept on this floor. But the thing that scared me most was how dark it was, I couldn’t see anything that could determine where I was.

“Edward?” I whispered, too terrified to say it any louder. My words echoed back at me and I had the feeling that I was in an extermely large room. But that one word brought the memories flooding back to me. I whimpered in terror and I scrambled desperately trying to find a corner, something that would make me feel less exposed. I was so terrified that I barely realised that my hand were bound together, tightly.

After scrambling for a few feet I backed into something hard, it felt like a rock. But of course having my luck it wasn’t a rock. I gasped and whirled around scrambling in the opposite direction until I backed into another. I scrambled around, still on the floor, was I surrounded? Or had the other just moved at vampire speed? The room was so dark I couldn’t tell. I began sobbing in terror.

“So glad you have finally joined us Isabella!” The voice came from where I backed into the first ‘rock’ so I guessed I must be surrounded. “I was worried that you were dead….already”. He added in a seductive purr which made him all the more terrifying.

“What?-Why?-Who?” I stuttered desperately willing my brain to work through all of the fear. The man laughed.

“I wouldn’t say that you are in any position to ask questions, would you?”. Laughter echoed from all around me. There must have been at least 15 vampires surrounding me.

I curled up into a ball wrapping my conjoined hands around my knees. I felt a light wind as the surrounding vampires left me. I then remembered the mobile phone in my pocket, the one Alice had used to call me on this morning. That seemed like a lifetime ago now. I worked both of my hands in unison desperately searching for the cool feel of the metal. My pocket was empty. I curled into a ball again and sobbed, not caring who heard.
Hours later I felt a presence beside me. My stomach growled loudly, I hadn’t eaten for hours.

The vampire beside me laughed, it was a chilling, cold blooded sound, he was enjoying my pain. He bent down and left something beside me.

“What is it?” I squeaked.

“You’ll find out soon enough” The vampire answered.

I felt the gentle wind sweep past me as he left. I didn’t know if I wanted to find out what he had left beside me, but my curiosity got the better of me. I reached out beside me and felt a small, smooth object. There was a cold rim of metal around the edge of the top half. It was my phone.

I flipped it up in relief. I highlighted Alice’s number, my finger on the ‘call’ button, but I paused. Was this really in my best interests? I was surrounded by who knows how many vampires, obviously not adverse to killing me, calling for help probably wouldn’t be the best idea I had ever had before. Next I highlighted Edward’s number, I was curious, in a fearful way, to find out what had happened to him.

At that moment, while I was contemplating this, my phone vibrated. I went onto the text messages, there was one from Edward, or rather his phone. I opened it, eager to hear any news.

Curiosity killed the cat’ was the message.

These simple words, black on a plain white background, terrified me more than anything else. I couldn’t quite pinpoint the actual cause of this terror but it gripped me with such force, I instinctively knew that this text message had more behind it than the simple letters it contained.

I sat staring at the text for longer than the simple words required, looking for the hidden meaning.

When the phone vibrated again I jumped so hard that I nearly dropped it. Edward’s name flashed up onto the screen, telling me that he was calling me. I debated picking it up. What if it was the same person that had sent me the text message? After a lengthy internal dilemma I accepted the call and held the phone up to my ear. My hand ached with the pressure of being bound together and held at such an angle.
“Hello”, I said timidly, still unsure if it was really Edward.

“Bella?” His musical voice floated to me from the other end of the phone and I sighed in relief. Although it was tainted slightly with worry it calmed me.

“Edward”. I sighed in relief, exhaling a breath I didn’t know I had been holding.
Edward’s POV

Hearing her voice immediately calmed me down. Even though she sounded barely alive, and I didn’t know where she was, hearing that she was still able to speak satisfied a small proportion of my fear for her.

“Bella, where are you?” I had little hope that she would be able to answer the question but, I always hoped.

“I don’t know”. Her weak voice answered. “It’s so dark, I can’t see anything. And it’s freezing” I could almost hear her shiver as she said that and anger welled up inside me. “It’s really big though, everything echoes” She paused, and I heard her move and then fall over “Ow”. I heard her whimper.

“What’s the matter Bella? Have they hurt you?” My voice raised as I said the last sentence and the anger overwhelmed me.

“Yes and no” She answered, hearing the expectancy in my silence she continued. “Well they sedated me first to come here” she said, I snarled they were going to pay for this. “And everything aches from sleeping on the floor, but that doesn’t really matter and-“

But I interrupted her there, she shouldn’t blow anything off so easily. “Of course it matters, everything matters! They are going to pay for this, pay with their lives” I snarled the last sentence, how dare they do this to Bella? She had never done anything in her whole life to hurt anyone and yet everyone seemed to take everything out on her. But then I remembered something else, “Were you about to say another way in which they hurt you” I could barely get the last two words out, they seemed so wrong.

She deflected my question, worrying about me of course. “What about you, where are you? Did they hurt you?” Her voice edged up an octave on the last two words of her sentence, they had the same effect on her when talking about me as when I was talking about her.

“No I’m fine” I said, she shouldn’t be worrying about me, it was true anyway. “And I’m not sure where I am, a field that they left me in”. She exhaled, seemingly pleased by my response.

“So they aren’t with you then?” She said, always worrying about everyone else.

“No” I answered, though I was sure they weren’t far. I heard a gentle wind, beside Bella, she obviously heard it too because I heard her make a small noise which sounded like fear. “Don’t worry Bella everything will be ok”. Her breathing became faster, in panic I guessed, then I heard a loud smack and then the sound of Bella’s skull hitting a concrete surface. Her breathing slowed, she was unconscious. I growled, louder than before.

“So sweet when she’s sleeping isn’t she?”. A calm voice murmered. “Shame that her hands are tied together, ruins the peace a little. As does the blood surrounding her head….She does have a lovely scent doesn’t she?”. He was jeering at me, daring me to retaliate. I stayed clam for Bella’s sake. I idn’t want them to have a reason to hurt her.

“Why did you need to tie her hands together?” I ground my teeth together. “You know as well as I do that she won’t be able to escape!”

“Oh I know” the voice answered. “It just makes it more amusing when she’s so much more helpless, don’t you think?” He laughed when I snarled in response.

“Why are you doing this?” I was determined to collect all the information I could, anything that might help me find Bella.

“Now that would be telling wouldn’t it?” The vampire said, patronizing me. “Goodbye now, I’m sure Bella will call again. When she wakes up” He laughed lightly and hung up.

I snapped my own phone shut, restraining the urge to snap it in two, Bella needs me to stay strong for her.


Bella’s POV

As soon as I started to come around I smelt blood. Instinctively I knew it was my own and the memories that greeted me confirmed this. I touched the right side of my head and felt my hair matted with blood. A warm sticky patch helped me locate the source and my stomach churned.

I turned my head to the side just in time as the contents of my empty stomach poured out. Once I had finished I lay down, panting. I knew that I couldn’t last for much longer now, I hadn’t eaten or drank for days now. And after my recent stomach-emptying I felt even more hollow than before. I was exhausted and just about to sleep again when I heard someone beside me. I struggled to muster the energy to sit up and I heard them sigh.

“You don’t need to get up, I’ll carry you”. The voice startled me. For it wasn’t one of my captor’s voices – and I believed that I had heard them all – it was a perfect, musical voice. A sound that I had never expected to hear beside me again. The fear within me dulled, subsided, replaced by the overwhelming sense of security that I always felt in Edward’s presense.

I rolled over desperate to look at him, and fell straight into the pool of my blood. The scent that had merey been hinted at before overwhelmed me, took over all of my other senses and I immediately blacked out.

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    5 Buffy the Vampire Slayer 7 The Vampire Diaries 11 Pretty Little Liars 11 Dawson's Creek (Pacey/Joey themed) 17 Twilight here

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    13 Pretty Little Liars 9 Smallville 10 Kristen Stewart with Robert Pattinson 14 The Vampire Diaries here