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Unseen, Pt 2/?

thank you to everyone who commented on the first chapter to this fic :D I hope you continue to enjoy it!!! <3 here's the next chapter!

Title: Unseen 2/?
Author: zeppogrl7
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine, Stephenie Meyers owns all.
Fandom: Twilight
Pairings: Bella/Edward, Alice/Jasper, Rosalie/Emmett
Spoilers: None I think
Ratings: R eventually
Summary: Bella, Alice and Rosalie move into a house that Bella inherited from her grandmother. Bella soon finds out that the strange stories her grandmother used to tell her might not have been so strange after all. ALL HUMAN, except for Edward.

"Have fun with your library, nerd."
Tags: fanfiction

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