Jessica (whoajessica) wrote in lion_lamb,

Fic: Bathe Me In Your Love

Title: Bathe Me In Your Love
Rating: PG-15
Pairing: Edward/Bella
Time Frame: Breaking Dawn
Word Count: 2,514
Summary: It's the morning after the honeymoon, and Edward gives Bella a bath.
Warning(s): Spoilers for Breaking Dawn, of course. Also, I've never written anything that hints to sex as much as I have in this fic, so... inexperience, I suppose? Oh, and the fact that there are hints to sex. Nothing explicit, though, I promise. Lastly, this is an unbeta-ed fic, so if you spot any grammar or spelling mistakes, I'd love to know about them so they can be fixed.
Special Note: Written for the "Write Your Own Breaking Dawn" contest over at lion_lamb

The extreme in temperature—Edward against my back and cool porcelain beneath my bottom, the scalding water everywhere else—was divine, and I took pleasure in the moment as Edward dipped the loofa in the soapy bath water and gently placed it against my upper back.
Tags: fanfiction
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