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Chapter 7 and we all fall down

Hello dears! Are you ready for "OMGWHATJUSTHAPPENED?!" here you go! :D. Reviews are like candy! I hope you enjoy!

Title: And we all fall down
Author: You can call me Jill!
Rating: I'm switching to M because of language that is going to happen.
Set during New Moon (why I like to write fics in that time period I have no idea) Edward makes the biggest mistake of his existence but what will happen when he rushes back to fix it? Where is Bella, who has taken her so quickly? Why didn't Alice see it coming? and, most importantly, how much time does he have? I was inspired to write this while listening to Muse's version of 'House of the Rising Sun' and 'Almost Lover' by fine frenzy.
Warnings: New Moon spoilers!
A/N: Not my characters...obviously! And it's unbeta'd.

Links to all other chapters can be found at the top of this page


    “Ring around the Rosie.”  I read the message over and over in the span of a couple seconds. My mind whirled with millions of possibilities until I landed on one. The answer was so simple that I was shocked that I hadn’t figure it out before. They were going to use my family against me, they were playing a deadly game and I was going to have to choose one or the other; my immortal family or my mortal love. They were going to pick them off one by one until I was alone, until Bella’s captors got what they wanted.

    “Ring around the Rosie.” I read it again, it all clicked into place and I looked up, noticing that the few straggling human couples had left the square for the day, obviously feeling the eerie presence that weighted Volterra down that afternoon. They would never know why their instincts told them to leave but I was glad they did. My family, that’s who they were after, those sick bastards were after everything I held dear,

    “…around the Rosie.” I muttered…suddenly, it all clicked into place, and I whirled around in the blink of an eye as a piercing shriek filled my ears,

    “ROSALIE!!!!!” I roared. I was suddenly aware that I was sprinting towards the sound of my sister’s otherworldly screaming. I didn’t care who saw me running, I thought all the humans had left the square, I could have been wrong, I didn’t care. I couldn’t fathom how the Volturi would agree to such a disruption in their own city, though, I wasn’t sure I fully understood how deep their hatred for my family ran.  I skidded, skillfully, to a stop in front of a circle of vampires that had enclosed my sister against a far wall. The one closest to her held her detached arm in their hand and I winced, positive that, if it were possible, bile would have crept up my throat into my mouth.  A fierce growl erupted from my throat, my instincts to protect those I loved overpowered any humanity that ran through me,

    “Would you kindly give my sister her arm back, now, please?” I gritted out through my teeth. The ring that surrounded Rosalie whirled around to meet my vicious, murderous, eyes. The one holding Rose’s arm looked at me and barked a loud, menacing, laugh,

    “So, THIS, is Edward Cullen? The son of Carlisle Cullen, of the famous Cullen family? One of the freakish children, the one able to read minds?” He chuckled darkly as Rosalie alternated between growling and whimpering…where the hell was Emmett and Carlisle? “Tell me, son, can you read what I’m thinking?” The cloaked vampire asked me,

    “…No.” I felt ashamed, ashamed that I was letting everyone down so quickly,

    “I didn’t think so. I was so, amused, to find that it was all so easy to block you. How’s your human?” He asked. I growled loudly,

    “Fucker. Where is she? Where’s Bella? Tell me! And let my sister go!” I charged forward but I stopped as a slightly smaller vampire grabbed a hold of Rose’s head which made her emit another gasp,

    “I wouldn’t move closer if I were you, Edward, Victoria has so many plans for you and this…is not part of the game. She did tell you about the time limit…didn’t she?” My eyes widened at his words. It had been Victoria the entire time, the wench who had barely merited an afterthought in my battle against James, the definition of the term ‘bitch’ who had dared come back to hunt Bella, the one who had made me consider leaving Bella in the first place. She had my love in her clutches. My chest heaved as I stared, terrified at the vampire standing before me,

    “Edward this is what she wants!! She wants you to choose! GET. BELLA! I MEAN IT!!” Rosalie screamed. Rosalie was my sister, I couldn’t stand leaving her. I didn’t want to choose, I didn’t want to play anymore, I wanted to wake up…but I hadn’t slept in almost a century, I wouldn’t ‘wake up’ because I was already awake. This was reality. This was Hell,

    “Rose…” I began but she snarled at me, always the hard-ass Rose,

    “I MEAN IT!” She yelled as they tore at her other arm. As if on cue my brother and father appeared, a group of three more of Victoria’s minions behind them,

    “DAD WHAT’S GOING ON?!” I shouted. Carlisle’s eyes fell on me and they widened in fear,

    “They’re everywhere Edward, everywhere! The Volturi, Victoria and her followers, they are all after us. They are all here to bring us down. Find Bella, your mother, brother, and sister and get the hell out of here!” Carlisle barely got out his sentence before the others caught up to him. Emmett was circling the ones harassing Rosalie, vicious snarls leaping from him,

    “Releasing my wife would probably be the best decision of your existence.” I heard Emmett growl. All I could do was stare, like a child watching a violent television program. The horror that was evident on my face was no match for the horror I felt inside,

    “Carlisle…” I began inching towards the group that had my family cornered,

    “Find them.” He said. I could detect the fear in my father’s voice, an emotion I had hardly ever heard there before. I stared at the man that had given me “life”, the one who had shown me the true meaning of family, the one who had never given up on me even in my darkest hours. Now, I felt as if I were giving up on him,

    “But Carlisle…” A growl emitted from the group of cloaked vampires around us as I stepped closer,

    “THAT’S AN ORDER!” Carlisle yelled. I knew he meant that I was running out of time, something that we, as vampires, had never had to deal with. As I ran back the way I came, ferocious, inhumane, snarls filled the air around me. I could detect Emmett’s and Carlisle’s predatory roars as well as Rosalie’s screeches and screams, they were all horrible, awful sounds, they were all sounds of death. I wanted to cry, I wanted to throw up, but I propelled myself forward.

    My phone vibrated in my pocket and I swore loudly,

    “You fucking bitch!” I swore as I flipped it open to reveal a new message,

    “Pocket full of posies. Ashes to Ashes.” Ashes. I thought. Burning bodies, the only way to actually get rid of a vampire for good. I whirled around me in a complete 360degree circle. I glanced up, maybe there was something in one of the towers. Nothing but the threat of the sun trying to poke through the clouds. Then, I heard her, Alice’s small voice full of fear,

    “EDWARD! EDWARD! VICTORIA HAS BELLA, EDWARD SHE’S OVER THERE!  I SAW HER!” Alice’s scream filled my ears and I turned sharply to see her all the way across the square. Her small frame was being dwarfed the vampire backing her, my mother, and Jasper into a deep, dark, crevice,

    “ALICE!” I screamed. I saw her shake her small head,

    “NO YOU DON’T! GET BELLA!” Then, she disappeared into the darkness. I began to run, I began to sprint, towards my sister but, I felt as if I wouldn’t get there fast enough, and I was right. As I neared where the rest of my family had disappeared the whole crevice erupted in a fountain of fire and ash,

    “NO!!” I roared as I turned on my heels, instinctively. The Volturi were destroying their own city to bring down my family? What threat did we pose?

    Ashes to Ashes. My mind replayed the message. I sobbed, tearless sobs, as I turned from the scene. Alice had seen her, Alice had seen Bella. Alice was gone, Alice was dead as was Jasper and Esme and Emmet and Rosalie and…Carlisle. Carlisle, my father, my mentor, my creator had died because his son was foolish enough to love a mortal.

    I ran towards where Alice had pointed, my mind filled with sorrow and anger, my heart ached for those I had lost in such a short amount of time, I was furious, I was devastated, I would get revenge. Then, I saw her, I saw Victoria, and I saw Bella. My heart broke, metaphorically speaking, as I laid eyes on Bella’s small form. Tears were streaming down her face and she looked like she was starving, the bruise like shadows under her eyes were nearly as dark as my own,

    “Edward.” I heard her squeak.

    “Let her go!” I growled. The sun had made an appearance and Victoria and I stood poised against each other in the shadows separated by probably a little more than two hundred feet.

    “Oh but Edward…we’re having so much fun. I love this game, I don’t want it to end.” Victoria’s voice was pure venom as she spoke and it made me growl,

    “I SAID LET HER GO!” I roared. Bella whimpered and Victoria snapped at her,

    “SHH! I’ve grown very tired of your whining Isabella now be a good girl like I said and maybe you’ll die quickly!” Victoria spat, “You see, Edward, Bella informed me of some very interesting information. Like how you won’t change her. That just seems so selfish Edward.” Victoria spoke to me like I was a child and I hated her even more. She had Bella grasped under the chin and it looked like she was choking her,

    “Victoria leave Bella out of this! She’s done nothing!” I growled. Victoria laughed,

    “MATE FOR A MATE!” She yelled back at me. I snarled, James had deserved to die. He had deserved the pain he felt,

    “Edward I’m sorry.” Bella choked out,

    “Bella, I love you, don’t you dare ever forget that, I love you.” I tried to reassure her as our eyes met. She looked hollow and I hated that, I hated Victoria with every fiber of my existence, “I will get you out of this Bella, I’ll get you home to Charlie, you will be safe. I love you!” I shouted,

    “Bella, I love you…god you make me sick Cullen.” Victoria spat. I growled again, turning my attention back to her. I was crouched in a predatory stance, ready to spring,

    “What do you want? Tell me and let Bella go…I’ll pay the price.” I asked. Victoria chuckled,

    “Will you Edward? Will you really?” She asked harshly, “Let’s see, I want you to figure out the next little part of the riddle. It’s no fun if I do all the work.” She was still treating this like a sick game,

    “Fuck you!” I bit out. I was so full of anger and I really didn’t want to play,

    “Oh  come on Eddie…Ring around the Rosie…” She began. I shut my eyes tightly, I was only going to get Bella back if I played along,

    “Pocket full of posies…ashes…to….ashes…” I looked up to see a wicked smile plastered across Victoria’s face, she whispered, loud enough for me to hear, loud enough for me to know,

    “…We all, fall, down.” She said. In that instant everything changed. Victoria pulled back Bella’s hair exposing her neck, she bit down harshly and I saw Bella’s blood bubble to the surface as she let out a painful scream,

    “NO!!!!!” I howled. I felt my feet leave the safety of the shadows, I didn’t care. I felt my own head crash against the concrete as I was knocked off my feet by two of Victoria’s minions, “BELLA!!!” I roared. Bella was screaming in pain as Victoria continued to bite down. Finally, she released Bella from her grasp and my love tumbled to the ground a few feet in front of me. I reached out a hand to her as I laid, still pinned, to the ground. Victoria leaned down to me, Bella’s blood still fresh on her lips. I swallowed back the stubborn venom that pooled in my mouth,

    “You lose.” She whispered.
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