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fanfic: scent

Title: Scent

Author: sparkling_gold

Character/Pairing: Edward/Bella

Category: Romance

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: None

Summary: Edward’s thoughts on Bella’s smell.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.  Stephenie Meyer does.

Her scent drives me crazy every time I’m close to her.  The subtle blend of flowers and spices is unbearably sweet.  It’s the most exquisite perfume I have ever smelled.  Her breath holds the exact same aroma, only in a more concentrated form.  I’m always about to lose my senses when she breathes my name against my cold lips.  The mix of her pleasant and warm breath with her intoxicating smell always drives me close to the edge.

I moved my mouth slowly to her neck, where her pulse beats the hardest.  I inhaled and exhaled cautiously against her smooth skin.  Her heartbeat grew faster and faster and then, to my own pleasure, she whispered my name.  Words of love escaped her lips.  This was literally the sweetest song I’d ever heard in my entire existence.

The subtle blend came back to my nostrils once again and then, I growled.  God, I love everything about her.  Every single particle.  But her scent remains the most exhilarating thing about her.  She’s still my mia cantante.

Tags: fanfiction

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