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|In My Arms| Fanfiction Chap. 2

The chapter just came to me so I had to write it down before I lost it again....I now actually know what's (sort of) going to happen. Or what I want to happen.

|Previous chapters|
Preface & Chap.1

|Chap. 2|

I walked into the bedroom shivering slightly as the crisp summer air encircled my bare limbs.

He was sitting on one edge of the bed, head in hands, the picture of anguish. I raised my head and squared my shoulders, mentally readying myself for the inevitable fight. Right on cue he raised his head.

“Bella….”He said, his voice unsure, he knew he wouldn’t win this one. “I really don’t think that this is a good idea, I don’t want to hurt you”

“Well,if you do it will be totally and utterly my fault, nothing to do with you and I will accept all responsibility as long as you are in no way blaming yourself” I retorted, pleased with my quickly calculated response.

“Nothing to do with me in no way blame myself, what on earth do you mean?!?!”. He quoted sourly growing visibly angrier by the moment.

“I mean-" I began.

“How can I not blame myself?!”. He interrupted, standing up.

“You can not blame yourself because I’m asking you to! And I know I might get hurt but that’s just part of my daily life!” I snorted “I might get hurt the second I get out of bed in the morning but you don’t stop me doing that!” I threw up my arms to demonstrate how ridiculous he was being.

He growled unamused.

I crossed the room hating every inch that was in between us. As I came to a stop before him I looked up into his eyes and used my infallible weapon.

“Just please” I said in the quietest voice I could make. I saw his eyes soften although they retained some of the worry that was omnipresent when my safety came into question. He opened his arms, a seemingly resigned gesture.

Try then”. He breathed into my hair.

He tilted my head up and began to kiss me, in a way that I couldn’t fathom anything more teasing.

I began to unbutton his shirt, struck again by how perfect every single curve of his chest was. I started on his trousers next, while kissing him at the same time. It was hard, but not impossible. Women are good at multi-tasking.
“By the way” he whispered against my neck while throwing aside my nightgown. “Alice has good taste in nightwear”.

I snorted, throwing aside his boxers as well “I guess if-“. But my sentence was cut short by my gasp. Edward stood before me, every milimeter which had previously been concealed, locked away beneath clothes, was revealed to me.

He looked at my own body as if the same thoughts ran through his mind.

And then we were on the bed. He moved too quickly for me to see, like always.

I didn’t care that his body was cold, pressed up against every inch of my own. I didn’t care that I was blatantley flouting a number of Edward’s carefully constructed rules. I didn’t care what my own name was.

I didn’t even know.

Although I gasped slightly as Edward entered my body, it was merely out of shock. Who knew that something of such pleasure could cause so much pain. He kept on slipping in deeper and I wondered how deep my body would allow him. This didn’t feel right. To call it an intrusion would be very right and also very wrong at the same time.

I clutched myself closer to him as the pain grew, and he clutched me tighter as well. I wondered if he knew what he was doing. If he realised that his hands were gripping my arms so hard they began to act as tourniquets. I stopped focusing on the pain and instead focused on a small part of pleasure, which was rapidly growing, in the pit of my stomach.

We made love for hours on end, not noticing the time passing. But we explored each others bodies as well. Discovering each other in a way neither of us ever thought would be possible. Looking into Edward’s eyes a few times and feeling his hands, being rougher on my skin than usual, I wondered how much of this wonderful experience he would remember in the morning. I felt bad for his memory but I was glad that he had rid us of his rules so that we could have one night of pure pleasure.

Eventually I lay back onto the pillows gasping. My body ached, not only in normally sensitive places, but all over. I hoped I wouldn’t have bruises, he would never forgive himself if I did. But, before I could do a quick examination of my body, unconsciousness swallowed me.

I felt groggy as if I had been asleep for a very long time. I rolled over and couldn’t stifle a gasp before it revealed me. Pain shot through every cell in my body with more force than I could possibly imagine. I tried hard to conceal it, guessing what had caused it and how much trouble I would be in. I raised my head slowly looking round for Edward, and frowned when I saw his murderous expression.

“Good morning”, I said attempting to sound normal.

“Is it?” He growled. I sighed, clearly today was going to be awful. “Why didn’t you tell me?” he demanded.

“Tell you what?” I asked trying to sound innocent and ending up with the most unconvincing voice I had ever heard.

He continued to glare, waiting.

“Ok then, I didn’t tell you because I was having one of the best nights of my life!” I said throwing my arms up to emphasize my point and ignoring the protesting bruises. “I’m sorry if-“. I was cut off because seeing his face, it was obvious he hadn’t seen the extent of the damage on my body, he was staring at my arms which I had just revealed to him. Major oops. “Fine then, if your going to be like that, I’m having a shower”. I stalked off towards the bathroom, grabbing a bathrobe from beside the bed before he could fully examine all the damage and trying not to wince on every step I took, despite the aching pain that shot through my body on every movement.

I turned the water to hot to relax my muscles, I knew from experience this fight was far from over.

Before I got into the shower I looked over my whole body. It was quite a mess, vicious looking black and purple bruises covered nearly every square inch of the surface of my body. In some places you could almost see the finger marks. If I got rid of those it may make the situation slightly better. I stepped into the shower carefully and sighed as I opened my familiar shampoo, inhaling the scent to calm me down. I scrubbed myself vigorously, only realising after I had done half my body that doing so would probably make the bruises worse, therefore more trouble for me.

I didn’t hear him come into the bathroom, or the shower, he was much too quiet. However I did hear the disgusted noise he made as he looked up and down my body.

“Don’t….” I said, unsure of how to finish that sentence. His eyes flashed up to mine, daring me to say anything about not blaming himself. I began to feel uncomfortable, after last night I don’t know why I felt so exposed but I didn’t want him to see me like this. However when I saw the expression in his eyes, I knew that there was no way he was going to leave me.

He picked up my soap washing the rest of my body being so careful his fingers felt like feathers brushing my skin. When I finally got out and covered myself with a towel he stepped out as well, soaked, his clothes dripping onto the black slate floor. I crossed the room to him and buried my face in his chest unwilling to look at hs face.

“How can you forgive me so easily for such a terrible crime?” He murmured, it sounded like he was more talking in wonder to himself but I answered nevertheless.

“There was nothing to forgive”, I could see he was about to argue but I cut him off. “Granted you may think of these bruises” I gestured to my body. “As your own fault, but they are as much my own fault as yours! What is so awful about one day of pain in exchange for one night of pure bliss? Despite what you say, last night was the best night I have ever lived, and it will be for the foreseeable future I can assure you!” I stepped back so that I could look at his face. His expression was shocked, I guessed he had never heard me argue quite that forcably before.

At that moment my phone, a wedding gift from Alice, rang. I walked over and picked it up, the caller ID said that it was, infact, Alice calling me.

“Hi, Alice” I greeted her.

“Ok Bella, this may take a while but I want you to try and remember as much of what
I say as possible and tell all of that to Edward ok?”

“Well yeah but, why don’t you just talk to him yourself?”

“Because I am so angry at him at the moment the things I say may upset Esme, ok?”

Edward snorted from behind me.

“Tell him that he is already so much of a pig in my imagination that I wouldn’t push that image any further” Alice demanded.

“I don’t need to tell him, he heard you say it” I said trying extremely hard to restrain the urge to laugh.

“Fantastic” She said sarcastically “I didn’t think that you would be standing so close to him after what he said. Your choice I guess, it will make this next bit easier anyway”

“Come on then Alice, tell me why your annoyed with him” My curiosity was getting the better of me.

“Tell him this. I did not endure that entire vision last night, with no details, angles or sound spared, to have him ruin your honeymoon afterwards because of something that was out of his, and your may I add, control. He knows as well as I do, and believe me I do, that you both had a fantastic time last night. You and him. If he continues this idiotic, pathetic, ridiculous argument with you I shall fly over to England and sort him out myself.” By the end of Alice’s speech me and Edward were in stitches of silent laughter Edward, somehow, managed to gain enough composure to retort to Alice’s monologue.

“Should I be afraid of that outcome?” He said struggling to gain enough composure to keep his voice even.

“Terrified” She answered in a manacing tone. “And you know Bella won’t stop me if it means that you will then have a good holiday, am I not right Bella?”

“Ye-Ye-Yes” I said breathlessly, not as good as Edward at recovering myself.

“Ok, glad I have sorted that out, I will be watching Edward” Then the phone went dead. After that we couldn’t restrain ourselves any longer, we burst out in uncontrollable laughter before something sunk in for me.

I blushed at something that should have come to me earlier. “Why was Alice watching, last night I mean”. My sudden realisation had embarrassment taking over my previous amusement.

“I asked her to” Edward said suddenly sober, also. “Incase anything went wrong” He looked over my body that wasn’t concealed by that towel. “Well, really wrong anyway, and then there would be someone who knew.”

“Oh”. I said, for lack of a better answer.

Edward went to go and cook me breakfast then, and left me to get dressed. Alice’s words seem to have sunken in as he never mentioned the bad side of last night again.
After lunch he proposed to me an outing which may seem normal to most, but instilled a small amount of fear in the pit of my stomach.

“Would you like to come for a walk around the lake with me?” He read the apprehension on my face and sighed. “Don’t worry Bella the way is mostly flat and-“ But I cut him short there.

Mostly flat, as in some of it is not flat?” He laughed at my expression.

“Not all of it, but don’t worry I won’t let anybody hurt you, not even yourself” He smiled, thinking of how many times he had had to say that to me most likely.
It turened out to be an enjoyable walk. He rattled out various names of the mountains which the lake was nestled between. Having climbed most of them he knew quite a lot about them.

I sighed. Even having half the knowledge he did would be an amazing gift.

Before the sun began to set we were back in the village and heading towards the single restaurant in the village. It was an imposing building compared to the rest of the village. Three storeys tall with a slightly more refined image than most of the others. It had grand gold letters proclaiming it to be called ‘The Bridge Hotel’.
After a fantastic meal we left. I began walking towards our cottage but I felt Edward restraining me. I turned round questioning him with my eyes.

“I want to show you something”. He said, something was lurking beneath his calm exterior. There was the excitement he obviously felt pushed to the forefront of his face but there was something like worry, maybe even fear, buried deep in his eyes. To try and conceal my discovery, I pretended that I hadn’t noticed.

“Where are we going?” I questioned as he lead me down the track that went to the lake. The sun was just starting to set and the temperature was beginning to drop.

“Just somewhere I like to go in the evenings when I’m here”. When we got about half-way around the west side of the lake he swung me up onto his back and began to run. Faster than I had ever experienced, wind whipping past my face at an alarmig speed. I realised his destination when we got to the foot of one of the biggest mountains which I vaguely remebered him naming as Fleetwith Pike. He climbed up it around the back somehow keeping me on his back while running at deadly speeds up the near-vertical slope.

We came to a stop at a plateau on the top, he headed towards what looked like the peak and descended slightly so we were about a quarter of the way down. I climbed down from his back and surveyed the view. It was breathtaking.

We appeared higher than the rest of the world as the sun threw pink shadows from behind the other peaks. The clouds had seperated slightly where the sun was, making the effect all the more beautiful with the pink contrasting with the dark grey clouds. The lake was in the shadow of the surrounding peaks, making it a deathly black pool in the center of the beauty.

I looked round eager to tell Edward how beautiful I thought this place was, but he wasn’t next to me. I turned around, curious. Suddenly I was on Edward’s back, uncertain of the actions that caused me to go there. We were flying down the steep mountain path faster than anyone would, or rather should, dare to go. I tried to open my mouth to ask him what was going on but the wind whipped into my mouth, stealing my voice.

I felt a cold hand on the back of my neck either side of my spine, squeezing painfully. Edward snarled and tried to get me free. I was then flung into another pair of cold, waiting arms which restrained me as I attempted to reach Edward. Edward also tried to struggle past his captor, the one who had grabbed me I guessed, but his attempts were also fruitless.

“I really wouldn’t do that if you would like any chance of seeing her again.” The voice of Edwards restrainer threatened menacingly.

A/N: I know the smutty stuff is really rubbish but I have never even attempted to do it before so don't go too harsh. Also sorry the first two have been kind of slow but more action next time, as you can see from the last like two sentences...

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