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Changing History: CHAPT 7 & 8?...human fanfic.

Title: Changing History
Author: </a></b></a></div>libertine_skins
Characters/Pairing: AH but usual eventually.
Rating: T <for now... though i occasionaly forgot and swear>
Spoilers: They are human so  no spoilers.
Summary: : All Human, classic Bella struggling to support herself at uni, alice is her best friend, an obsession with Edward... how far is she willing to goto get him? Mike? Tyler? Jacob? And what about Edwards constant gf? Tanya? Rose? usual pairings eventually... fairly bad summary... awkward.

still clickity-click-click!
chapter 1- under the spreading chestnut tree

chapter 7 - feeling foolish (yay new)
chapter 8 - Take my hand, i am waiting here for you (newest) 
Tags: fanfiction

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