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|In My Arms| Fanfiction Preface&Chap.1

Title: In My Arms
Rated: PG-13 (Note: Next chapter will be R)
Characters: Edward/Bella etc.
Summary: Edward takes Bella on the perfect honeymoon around Europe starting in the Lake District, England. However after her demands are fulfilled an unexpected and unwanted intervention tears them both and their world apart...But could it be forever?

You look so fragile, I could break,
But I try to hold myself
Together for the both of us, but in truth I'm just as scared
I just wanna watch you sleep, as you lie here beside me
So close your eyes, I'll guard the door
And when you wake, you'll wake with me...And when you wake you'll
In My Arms - Snow Patrol

I kept running. Although I knew it was pointless, a wasted effort.
I crossed a small track and jumped over a stream tripping on rocks but willing my legs to carry on down the slope.
I felt thorns tearing at my legs creating ghastly fountains of blood down my legs but I barely registered the pain, the smell that usually would make me faint.
I finally heard the faint sounds of my pursuers but the only thing running through my mind at the time when a rough hand grabbed my arm and another over my mouth was: Please don’t let them find him.
And with a heavy blow to the head, I lost conciousness.


“Bella, we’re nearly there” Edward’s voice somehow broke through my slumber and I woke up comfortable, in Edward’s arms.

“And where exactly is there?” Edward had kept the location of our honeymoon a secret right up until this moment, but with a smirk he finally revealed one of the closest guarded secrets I have ever encountered.

“The lake district, in England” He said watching my face for a reaction. “There is one lake in particular I have always been drawn too with it’s beauty and surrounding country side”.

Although I knew little about England I had heard about how beautiful this particular part of the country was and I had always intended to visit it, I started to speculate which out of the few lakes I knew he could be taking us to…but then something occurred to me.

“But it’s summer, what will you do?” I asked although I was glad it would appear we wouldn’t be looking around the area in the normal way, by foot, it seemed unusual for Edward to overlook such matters. But he smiled.

“It’s ok, Alice has seen that it should be overcast for the forseeable future…apart from one place I would like to show you, but not many people venture there”. I frowned, confused which only made him smile wider.

I was still tired and let Edward drag me through the airport (which I noted was Blackpool) and outside to a decidedly dreary day and across the concrete square to the car hire kiosk where he hired something which sounded very fast and very expensive.
The assistant went off to get the car, when he drove around the corner my jaw dropped open. As the car approached us I recognised the BMW symbol and as it parked in front of us I saw Z4 in silver letters next to the number plate. It was only a two seater car and had a sleek looking silver/grey body with a black soft-top roof. Everything about it screamed expensive.

I finally remembered how to close my mouth, while Edward chuckled at my reaction. He handed over what looked like and extreme amount of money in a currency that wasn’t familiar though I guessed it must be English pounds.

I climbed into the passenger seat beside Edward and marveled at the soft leather and padded seats.

“Why on earth did you get something this expensive?” I asked stunned at how easily he seemed to throw away money.

He shrugged blowing it off. “It was the only thing with tinted windows.” He said and smiled angelically while I rolled my eyes.

I gazed out the window at the surrounding countryside that flashed past my window. Occasionally giggling at the names that were proclaimed on signs in a very schoolgirl-ish manner. Eventually we reached a small town named Keswick where shoppers were going about their daily routine and turning to stare at the hugely expensive car which wasn’t even close to resembling their more practical 4x4’s. Edward pulled into a car park for a supermarket, which a large sign above the door proclaimed to be named ‘Booths’, and I was instructed to buy enough food for a couple of weeks.

I lazily walked around the supermarket pulling things off the shelves not really noticing what I was putting into the trolley. My anxiety was building inside me about what was coming tonight. I kept reminding myself that I wanted to do this, this was a human experience I would insist on no matter what Edward’s concerns.

I was brought out of my daydreams when I felt cold arms encircling my waist and Edward’s wintry lips at my ear. I shivered as his cool breath tickled my ear, saying things utterly inappropriate for a supermarket.

After that Edward helped me choose the food trying hard to smother his distaste for the various items that he picked up.

After somehow cramming all of my shopping into the minuscule boot, while I watched in wonder, we got back into the car and started off again at twice the speed limit again. Normally his driving scared me, however on these roads with hairpin bends and sharp drops I realised that I had never fully experienced how downright terrifying it could be. I gripped the sides of my seat with such force I felt my knuckles may break through the skin.

Edward never missed an opportunity to make fun of my current position or demonstrate how easily he could drive without his full attention on the road, terrifying me further.

We started up a sharp incline and Edward slowed to about the average speed for a human which made me instantly suspicious. As we reached the peak of the hill I spotted what looked like a slate mine to my left and paused to compare the scale of the, seemingly large building, to the monstrous mountain behind it. If Edward thought I was slow at home I hoped he wouldn’t try and find out how really slow someone could be……

He sighed noticing my preoccupation. “Bella, look in front of you”.

I followed his instructions and gasped. Below me the road curved swiftly down the hillside in a way that looked as if cars should roll down it rather than drive along it. But beyond that was a scene from a fairy tale. A massive lake dominated the small amount of flat ground between a number of mountains which surrounded in a rough circle. Wild flowers of white, yellow and purple threw splashes of colour onto the mountain sides which already looked anything but plain. Through the trees by the lake I could just about make out the faint outlines of a waterfall.

“It’s beautiful….” I breathed when I was able to speak again.

“Welcome to Buttermere” Edward announced proudly. Seemingly pleased by my awed response.

He began the descent into the valley slowly taking great care so that I could enjoy the view.

Small streams followed the road down with crystal clear water fresh off the mountains. Sheep wandered across the hills on either side with lambs skipping by their sides. Slate boulders that had crashed down from the mountains above even added beauty to the landscape, carpeted in grass, moss and flowers they added to the utterly natural feel of the entire area.

Eventually we reached the floor of the valley and took the twisting road into the village, if you could call it that, it was more like a cluster of houses. We passed a hotel with a small river passing under the terrace and a small farm produce shop. We came to a stop outside a small stone cottage built in the same style as those around us, flat, grey stones piled on top of each other with yellow and orange splotches of some unknown plant adding colour to the plain stone walls. The small garden at the front had foxgloves and roses growing in untidy placements which somehow added to the charm.

It was dusk now so Edward was able to get out of the car without any worry of the sunlight. He lead me by the waist through the small wooden gate and under an iron archway which was carpeted with pink roses.


I sat down on the cool stone floor trying to smother all fear that built up inside me. The bathroom was still cloudy with steam from my shower. I stood up and looked into the mirror, wiping away the condensation. I brushed my teeth meticulously and washed my face before applying make-up in a pointless attempt to look more grown up.

I looked down and frowned at the innapropriate nightwear that Alice and Rosalie had packed for me. I should have insisted packing my own suitcase, I thought shaking my head.

But, with lack of anything else to wear, I struggled, and after great effort, managed to get the layers of black lace and silk to cover my body.
Self-conciously I opened the bedroom door nervous about his reaction. But at the same time I was preparing myself for battle, I knew Edward well enough to know he would not give up on his previous arguments of this being dangerous so easily.

Just a couple of things first Buttermere does exist...I go there every year on holiday in February as does Keswick and I shop at Booths when I go.
I didn't mean any offence by saying Bella laughed at some of the place names I do places like Cockermouth make me giggle like a schoolgirl as well.
Sorry for the English spelling of gray (grey) I forgot to change it.

Comments are <3
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