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Changing History: CHAPT 4....human fanfic.

Title: Changing History
Rated: T (for now... though i do swear)
Characters: Edward/Bella   etc.
Summary: AH, Classic Bella struggling to support herself at Uni, Alice is her best friend, she has an obsession with Alice's cousin- Edward... how far is she willing to go to get him to notice her? Mike? Tyler? Jacob? James?

Chapts 1 - Under the spreading Chestnut tree
Chapt. 2 - I sold you and you sold me
Chapter 3 - There lie they, and here lie we
Chapity 4 - i cant take my eyes off of you (NEW)
Chapt. 5 - i cant take my mind off of you (NEWER)
chapt. 6 - cliche kinder drawing (NEWEST)
Tags: fanfiction

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