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Weekly Promotions Roundup #14

Here is the promotions roundup post with all the new communities and websites submitted to us this week. If you'd like something promoted for next week, please leave a comment here. :)

dawnbroke -- A community for the best Twilight fics and icons.
emmett_bella -- A community for all of your emmett/bella shipping (or otherwise!) needs! Friendship, love, brother/sister awesomeness? It's all welcome! :D
haleswan -- A JasperBella fan fiction shipper community. For anyone who would like a place to post Jasper Hale and Bella Swan fan fiction. All posters welcome, no fan mixes or artwork though, please.
kateandgarrett -- A community dedicated to Kate, Garrett and the pairing.
multi_task -- We are a multi-fandom icon contest that focuses on Books, Movies, and TV. We (the mods) are crazy Twilight fans and include the fandom every time we can. :)
packnumbertwo -- packnumbertwo is a community dedicated to Jacob's pack - Jacob, Seth, and Leah, and all the ships that go with them. Fanfiction, fanmix/ficmixes, icons/other graphics, discussion, all is welcome! =)
rosaliejacob -- Click here to visit the only community on livejournal for Blondie and the Beast.
smfanmix -- A fanmix community for Twilight and The Host. Here you can find fanmixes for all Stephenie Meyer books in one, organized place.

For Sale
eBay -- Custom/OOAK Edward Cullen doll that I made is for sale on eBay.

Forever Dawn -- Need a board to satisfy your Twilight needs? This board has a friendly and active environment complete with a solid staff, fanclubs, and a cool, original RPG set in the Twilight universe.

The Coven of Eternal Twilight -- Features Twilight news and videos. Clean site, well organized, friendly admins.

Role Playing
Sick Cycle Carousel: A Post-Breaking Dawn RPG -- This is a Post-Breaking Dawn RPG with MOST Canon Characters still available. The plot includes spoilers, so if you haven't read the book, we don't recommend checking us out! :]


Fanfiction and icons keep us all busy and able to spread our love for the Twilight fandom. At Dawn Broke, you will find the best, most elite fanfiction and icons to fulfill your cravings for more Edward - I mean, Twilight. Apply here!


A community for all of your emmett/bella shipping (or otherwise!) needs! Friendship, love, brother/sister awesomeness? It's all welcome! :D


Kate and Garrett is a community dedicated to the sassy blonde from Denali and free-spirited nomad! We welcome any art, fic, discussion, and pretty much anything related to the pairing or characters!



packnumbertwo is a community dedicated to Jacob's pack - Jacob, Seth, and Leah, and all the ships that go with them, or even character centric posts. Fanfiction, fanmix/ficmixes, icons/other graphics, discussion, all is welcome! =)


Welcome to Rosalie/Jacob, a community where we can share the love of Blondie and the Beast! You can post art, fics, random thoughts on the couple, and anything else having to do with Rosalie and Jacob in the community.

7. eBay

I made this custom Edward doll after reading Twilight. The doll is wearing the outfit that Edward wore when he went to La Bella Italia with Bella in Twilight--they're my 'ship, and that's my favorite scene!

8. Forever Dawn

Despite our outdated promo banner, we are a current board on all the going-ons in the Twilight series. We are currently trying to re-vamp our board and to get new members. We have a original-character roleplay that is set against the mythology of the Twilight series and have plenty of discussion. Contact Esme Cullen over there if you should happen to have any questions!

9. The Coven of Eternal Twilight

All the latest Twilight news, pictures, videos, and updates. And it's not just all news anymore- We now feature character blogs such as; Jasper's Question Of The Week, Carlisle's Medical Do's And Dont's, & Coming soon; Alice's Fashion Tip of the Week & Bella's Video Guide to Self-Defense.

10. Sick Cycle Carousel: A Post-Breaking Dawn RPG


Two years have passed since The Volturi have last come to Forks.

The Cullens return to Forks from New Hampshire - where several of them have been attending college - to spend the holidays with their friends and family. Upon their arrival, however, they learn Charlie Swan has suffered a stroke following the sudden tragic passing of Jacob Black's father, and Charlie's good friend, Billy Black. With Bella unable to bear leaving her father's sick bed, or her devastated best friend, the Cullens ultimately decide to extend their stay in Forks. Carlisle takes up a temporary position at Forks Hospital, and the family moves back into their old mansion.

With both Charlie and Jacob on the mend, all seems to be well, when Carlisle's old friend, Eleazar, suddenly pays a visit to the family. He brings with him disturbing rumors of the separation of the Volturi's fellowship. Caius has deceived his brother, Aro, and begun to assemble his own following - a following that includes many members of the original Volturi guard including Alec, Jane, and Demetri - and is planning a mass genocide to purge all of the vampires he perceives to be "liabilities." Allegedly, Caius has already begun his crusade, looking to target rogues and nomads first, and then whole covens.

Troubled by these ghastly rumors, the Cullens begin contacting all those of their friends and comrades they can locate, but no further leads turn up. It isn't until news spreads of the vanquishing of several smaller covens - friends of friends - that it is determined the rumors must indeed be true. Caius was coming for them all.

Loyalty will be tested. Bonds will be broken. Lives will be lost.

Is this a war the Cullens can win?
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