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Hey everyone! Just some important information that you should be aware of.

Our lovely mod Mel, a.k.a. noperfectlife, has decided to step down as a moderator here. While we're all very sad to see her go, we know it's the best decision for her and we appreciate everything she has done for the community. I can personally tell you that, even before she became a moderator, she was a great asset to the community, always an active member and suggesting new ideas to us, and when she became a mod, I couldn't have been more excited. Thank you, Mel, for everything you did! We love you, gurl! (Don't you dare try to go mod SOB)

To go along with this, and the rapid growth of the community (really, keep tabs on the membership and you'll see), we have added the lovely make_me_irish as a moderator. I'm sure you've all seen her in the fandom, so you'll know what a wonderful addition she'll be for us. _transformed was added as a ~sub~ while some of us were on vacation, but because she's a whore so awesome, she'll also be a permanent mod with us. Please welcome these two ladies!

On a completely different note, we've had to reject quite a few posts recently so we ask that you please review our community rules. If at any point you have any questions or a problem comes up, please let us know via the Page-a-Mod post. Thanks!

P.S. No, the rumors are not true. Tsk, tsk.
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