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Chapter 6 and we all fall down

Thanks for all the reviews! They make me happy and keep me motivated to write!
I apologize for the rushed scene with Charlie that is in this chapter, I know that's probably not how it would really go but I needed him out of the Cullen house for obvious reasons.

ENJOY! And Review please!

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And we all fall down
Author: You can call me Jill!
Rating: I'm switching to M because of language that is going to happen.
Set during New Moon (why I like to write fics in that time period I have no idea) Edward makes the biggest mistake of his existence but what will happen when he rushes back to fix it? Where is Bella, who has taken her so quickly? Why didn't Alice see it coming? and, most importantly, how much time does he have? I was inspired to write this while listening to Muse's version of 'House of the Rising Sun' and 'Almost Lover' by fine frenzy.
Warnings: New Moon spoilers!
A/N: Not my characters...obviously! And it's unbeta'd.


    I could tell we were in a plane. I had a brief memory of being tossed into the back seat of a car, the cool leather of the interior causing me to inhale sharply. I briefly remembered being slung over a cold, stony, shoulder but I hadn’t mustered the energy to let out a scream. Now, as I opened my eyes slowly,  I knew we weren’t on a road. I was absolutely starving, my head swam as I tried to sit up, and my throat was raw and dry. I felt completely disgusting as I finally pulled myself into a sitting position, I realized I could feel the dry tears on my cheeks and knew my eyes had to be puffy and raw from the time I had spent sobbing.

    “I’m glad to see you’re awake. You’ve been out for a long time.” Victoria bent down next to me, a piece of toast in her hand, “Have a snack, I don’t want you dead…yet.” She added viciously. I stared into her blood red eyes and let a small whimper escape my lips,

    “Why?” I asked. She sat a glass of what beside me and stood up. A evil, malicious, grin spread across her thin face and she let out another sharp laugh,

    “Oh because, Isabella, have such big plans for you. You are going to be the main pawn in my plot to bring down the Cullen family. It’s all part of the little game I wanted to play with your Edward. I want to know how much he will risk to save your pathetic human life. But, since you told me that he didn’t have any intention of turning you…well…I just may add that to the pot. Would he rather have you dead, or a monster? Perhaps I’ll do both, turn you into a blood thirsty animal that would just as soon kill Edward as look at him, let the reality of that sink in with Eddie, and then I’ll rip your head clean off.” She added harshly. I swallowed, hard and it hurt, and began to tremble ever so slightly,

    “He’ll figure out a way you know.” I whimpered, “He’ll find out.” I hoped, with all my heart, that I was right. I didn’t want any Cullens to die but I didn’t want to die myself.

    “How? How will he find out? We’ve had help in this all along Bella, do you realize that his and his pixie sister’s powers are of no use at the moment? He’s up against some of the most powerful vampires, no the most powerful vampires, in existence. We have help from all sides here Isabella, believe me, the Volturi are strong enough to block your lover’s little parlor trick. He has to rely on his instincts now and I’m not sure he can run fast enough.” She smiled, a smug smirk, and retreated to her seat.

    “Where are we going?” I asked, I didn’t want to press the issue of Edward losing because I didn’t want to think about it.

    “Italy.” She replied. I instantly knew why, we were going to see the Volturi, the royal family of the vampires, the ones who felt, ever so slightly, threatened by the Cullens. I wanted to believe we could win, that Edward would get to me in time, but I couldn’t bring myself to believe it completely. I munched my toast in silence, I was terrified, I could almost feel the minutes of my life ticking away I had no clue what waited for me on the other side

Edward’s POV

    Italian. Why were they writing to me in Italian? Carlisle had already passed me on the stairs, on his way down to Charlie. He had, obviously, heard what Charlie had said and was on his way to “console” the man who believed his only daughter was dead,

    “Charlie. I’m so deeply sorry, I have no words that could possibly make you feel any better. Edward is completely stunned, so please excuse him while he takes a moment to wrap his head around things.” Carlisle whispered to Charlie,

    “Burned, her entire body was just…ash. We found her purse a few feet away though, and were working on….on…a positive identification. God Carlisle, I can’t…” Charlie’s words were thick with emotion. Only I knew the truth, that Bella wasn’t dead, that they had sacrificed some other poor girl to perpetuate the sick game they were playing. I heard Carlisle guide Charlie into the living room,

    “I’m going to go check on Edward.” I heard Alice’s small voice, thick with mock despair, as she walked towards the stairs. She rushed over to me,

    “Well? What did they say?” She asked,

    “Bella’s still alive…the message was in Italian.” I tossed my phone to my sister. She scanned the message, once, twice, a third time and finally gasped. It had all clicked into place for her, she knew where they were, I could tell in her eyes,

    “Volterra.” She breathed. My eyes widened, how had I not seen it coming? A instinctive growl rippled from my chest,

    “I have to leave, immediately.” I said. I started toward the stairs but Alice grabbed my arm,

    “Like hell you are going alone!” She hissed. I spun to stare at her, “Oh come on Edward! Seriously?! After everything this family has been through together you don’t honestly think we are letting you go to Italy to take on the most powerful family in history alone! No, this family stays together, we fight together.” She was determined. I sighed,

    “I can’t endanger you, or Jasper, or Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, or Rosalie…” She cut me off,

    “Oh shut up! We’re all going. Now go get rid of Charlie.” She told me. I couldn’t help but stare at my sister before she skipped off to, no doubt, tell the others. I walked down the stairs slowly and made a mental note to look even more depressed than I already was. Charlie stood to meet  me and he pulled me into a hug,

    “Charlie I…I have no idea what to say. I can’t…even fathom what’s happened.” I said making my voice sound weathered and cracked. I could tell Charlie was trying not to sob, I knew that he would go home that night and sob, uncontrollably, I knew that there was nothing I could do to prevent that, if I had even the slightest bit of hope to bring Bella back to Charlie alive I was going to have to leave as soon as Charlie was out our front door,

    “Edward…I know you love her.” Was all Charlie told me. My heart shattered further, I loved her more than my life, he had no idea how much I completely adored his daughter, so much so that I had almost left her, no I had left her that was why we were in this situation to begin with, to protect her from the evils that surrounded my kind. I tried to sob, and I found it surprisingly easy, I had wanted to let my emotions out for awhile finally did.

    “Perhaps, Charlie, after a good night’s rest, you can begin to process this. I am, truly, truly sorry for everything. You may sleep here if you wish.” Carlisle said knowing that Charlie would decline, like all humans he was slightly put off by our family,

    “No thank you Carlisle. I couldn’t, I need to make a couple phone calls.” I knew Charlie was remaining more calm than he would have been if Jasper hadn’t been standing upstairs, away from Charlie’s view, doing his best to send as much calm his way.

    “Please call us in the morning Charlie. When you know more.” Carlisle began walking towards the front door,

    “I will. Edward, son…” He stared in my face and, again, I was shocked at home much damage humanity had done to Charlie,

    “I’m so sorry Charlie…” I breathed,

    “Hug Alice for me…she was awfully upset.” Charlie choked out, trying his best not to cry,

    “I’ll inform Esme as soon as she’s back with Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper. I’ll have her cook something, bring you some food.” Carlisle said. I knew this was a lie, that not only were Esme and the rest of the Cullen children upstairs but we’d, more than likely, be gone by morning. Charlie and nodded, and with that, he was gone, off to grieve in silence, away from the prying eyes of vampires.

    “Hurry up people!” I heard Alice’s voice call as soon as Charlie’s cruiser was out of view of our driveway,

    “Where exactly are we going?” Carlisle asked as he sprung up the stairs after me,

    “Italy. They have her in Italy.” I replied as I rushed to my room, I wanted nothing but the single picture I had of Bella on my bookshelf. I wanted to see her face, to be reminded of her shy smile.

    “So what happens when Charlie calls in the morning and we aren’t here?” Emmett asked as we all rushed to the garage. Carlisle was on the phone with the airline,

    “He will, no doubt, be suspicious Emmett. But, sometimes you have to think of the present situation, not what will happen in the future. What would you do if it was Rose?” I asked him as I unlocked the Volvo. Emmett gave me a look as if to say, ‘I understand’ and said nothing more about Charlie,

    “A flight, luckily, leaves in three hours.” Carlisle said. Esme was the last out the door, turning off lights as she went,

    “We’ll meet you at the airport.” I called as Jasper and Alice climbed into my car. Emmett, Rosalie, and Esme climbed into the Mercedes with Carlisle and with a nod from my father I sped out of the garage and shot down our driveway only pausing momentarily to turn onto the highway before I increased my speed exponentially.

    My family and were very used to the looks we got at airports. People were put off by us individually but when we got together as a group I guessed that we were downright intimidating. Not only were we unique looking but we traveled with no luggage and I was so antsy to get on the flight that I didn’t even stop to put my shoes back on,

    “He’s…excited to see Rome.” Esme said politely to the stewardess who was, no doubt, staring at me. “Edward, honey, put your shoes back on.” Esme said throwing me my sneakers. I put them on with lightening speed only vaguely aware that no human could have laced a pair of shoes that quickly without setting fire to his hands.

    It wasn’t until we were on the actual plane that the real agony set in. I realized that there was no way I could make the time in the air go faster. I casually considered strolling into the cabin, snapping the pilots’ necks and flying the plane myself. I must have looked like I was considering murder because I felt Jasper’s hand on my shoulder,

    “Edward, it’s hard enough for me to be in a plane with this many humans can you please try to control your emotions…you’re making everyone look like a tasty bear.” He asked in a low, hurried, whisper,

    “I’m sorry.” I replied quickly and quietly. Alice sat on the other side of Jasper, her tiny face plastered to the window. Alice loved to fly though I knew she was not enjoying this particular last minute “vacation” because she truly didn’t know the outcome of the situation, something Alice never experienced.
I leaned my head back and swallowed, shutting my eyes tightly, I prayed that it was rainy in Italy.

    We landed and boarded our connecting flight. I counted the seconds and the minutes until we landed in Italy and I had my seatbelt off before the sign was even on. I almost killed the man in front of us, he was busy fiddling with this carry-on bag and hadn’t felt the need to rush off the plane right away. I guessed that his girlfriend wasn’t currently at the mercy of evil vampires hell bent on destroying her, so, he had no idea what I was currently feeling.

    I kept checking my phone every three seconds or so, nothing, no message, no clues. I was starting to get extremely nervous, had we interpreted the message wrong? Had that really been Bella dead in the woods burned beyond recognition? Was this simply a ploy to get me away from Forks? Carlisle had decided that we immediately venture to Volterra.

    Once we had reached the city we all formed a group,

    “I believe we should split up. Find as much information as we can.” Jasper said grabbing Alice’s hand tightly,

    “I’ll go with Emmett and Rosalie…you take your mother and Alice.” Carlisle spoke to Jasper. Somehow, my father knew, I wanted to be alone, “Edward will you be fine alone?” Carlisle asked. Alice gasped a bit and Esme looked concerned,

    “I’ll be fine. I caused this, I will resolve it.” Esme hugged me tightly,

    “I love you.” She whispered. I nodded as I released my mother from the vice grip she had on me,

    “I love you all…be careful, please, take care of each other. We’re a family and I want it to stay that way.” I said eyeing my siblings. Alice caught my eye lastly and the pain I saw there was extremely evident. It made her  so nervous not to be able to see anything and it was obvious she was terrified of us splitting up,

    “You have Jasper, Alice…it will all be fine.” I told her.

    “Promise?” She asked, her voice was barely above a whisper,

    “I promise. And trust me, I’m done breaking promises.” I told her.

    “For Bella.” Alice breathed. I nodded, and watched as Esme, Jasper, and Alice walked off towards the east end of the city.

    “Son, be careful.” Carlisle told me simply,

    “I’m a Cullen. We fight for family, and we win for family.” I said,

    “Hell yeah!” Emmett cheered. Rosalie shot him a disapproving glare,

    “Find her.” Rose told me and I nodded towards my sister. She took Emmett’s hand and they, along with my father, strode  to the west side,

    “Carlisle?” I called softly, he stopped and turned towards me,

    “Yes Edward?” He asked simply,

    “Nothing without a queen by his side?” I asked echoing my father’s words from the past couple of days,

    “Nothing.” He whispered. I nodded, and took my own path to the North end of the city, toward the tower.

    There were people in Volterra that day, just  a few scattered human couples, still, I jogged at as close as a human pace as I could. I had heard nothing in the twenty-five minutes I had been separated from my family. Volterra was a intricate city but it wasn’t too terribly big, I had half expected to hear something already. As if on cue my phone vibrated loudly in my hand. I read the message several times, then, it hit me.

The game was just beginning,

“Ring around the Rosie.”
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