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"The Rob Effect" according to SMeyer

Someone requested that I post this here so you lion_lambers can discuss it.

WATCH IT!: Entertainment Weekly interview

I'm only 1:00 into this video and the interviewer (in a very nice way) says how a lot of fans hated BD, asks SMeyer why, and she basically blames Robert Pattinson!

"I call it the Rob effect..."

WTF? Did she even hear the question? AAAHHH!

The video is 4 parts and I imagine it must be full of lulz if this was in just the first minute. I think I'm gonna get some popcorn and watch it...

EDIT: For those of you bbs who don't wanna watch the video (I may do a recap post too for the lulz):

EW: Fan reaction to Breaking Dawn has been wild in both directions - they have been like "I love this book" and some people were like "I have questions about this book" gee that's a nice way of saying people HATE it. Why do you think that is?

SMeyer: Well, I've actually named it the ROB EFFECT lmao. For some reason, it seems like the fans take a couple days to get used to something. And it was most obvious when they announced who was gonna be playing Edward and everyone freaked out, and there was all this online controversy and now everyone completely loves Rob. um, if she is hoping that's gonna be the case with BD, she is SO WRONG So, I knew that it was gonna be an interesting ride for a lot of people, they had their idea of what was going to happen, and if the book didn't match up they were gonna have a problem with that, and of course the book didn't match up to what everyone imagined, so I was expecting it didn't match up with what? ROB? wtf are you smoking???. And I'm hoping that after they have a chance to think about the ending I wrote, it'll grow on them brb dying of lulz.

EDIT: Ok, I see that she probably meant that she thinks the book will grow on people, and I kind of misunderstood what she meant by "The Rob Effect". Still, it really bugs me that she's basically like "it's not me, it's you guys... nothing is wrong with the book and it will grow on you." She's disregarding the negative reaction of tons of fans.
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