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Free Tickets Aviliable to see Rob' How To be TONIGHT

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Contacted by a 'How To Be' Publicist! Free Tickets Available!
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First of all, I don't know WHAT I was thinking yesterday. "How To Be" is showing at the RIFF TONIGHT and not yesterday like I reported. I think I was crossing the New Producer's Alliance (UK) showing dates with the RIFF dates. Augh! I'm sorry!

I do have some AWESOME news to share! The "How To Be"'s publicist for the film has contacted me with the following message to pass along to all of you!

My name is Kim and I'm a publicist for the film How to Be. Tonight we are screening our movie at the Columbus Theater Arts Center in the Andrew's Theater on the 1st floor tonight at 9:15 EST. Columbus Theatre

We have an undisclosed number of FREE tickets for the screening tonight for anyone that can make it to/are in the Providence area in time to get them. It is strictly first come first serve, and one ticket per person.

We will be standing outside the Columbus Theater at approx 8:00EST if anyone would like to get their ticket. My name is Kim and the other publicist that I am working with is Krista. We will be wearing How to Be filmmaker passes (blue and white) and they have our names printed on them.

Also please let everyone know that there will be a Q&A session after the screening with actors from the film.


I have been instructed to have anyone interested in getting these tickets should contact me by email or message me here as Kim would like to keep her contact information private.

~ Kristin ~
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