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My notes on the Los Angeles BD concert Q&A

Hi folks... I watched the Los Angeles concert on iclips last night and took notes on the Q&A for another comm. Since I don't see anything up yet here or at the Lex, I thought I'd post them here as well in case anyone's interested. It's not an exact transcript but I do my best to reproduce the Q&A faithfully.

Before I begin, I should explain what "Forever Dawn" is, since not everyone knows and it's mentioned a lot. "Forever Dawn" was an original sequel Meyer wrote for Twilight before it was published. FD was never published itself, but it forms the basis for "Breaking Dawn". (See the Twilight series FAQ here: .) In the Q&A notes I use these abbreviations: BD = Breaking Dawn, FD = Forever Dawn, and MS = Midnight Sun.

Q: What was the difference between BD and FD?
A: The basic storyline is the same: B/E get married, Renesmee is born and Jacob imprints on her. However, in BD Jacob is more developed as a result of New Moon and Eclipse, and Leah has a larger role.

Q: How does Edward see himself now? Does he still see himself as a monster?
A: Edward has had a great evolution as a character, he is a pessimist, and his worst fear was that he would change Bella and she would hate him or regret it. That didn't happen, so he has faith in their future now. He's a believer.

Q: What is your favorite B/E moment?
A: The last two pages (Bella letting Edward into her mind) are the culmination of the whole romance. That was the moment when they finally really know each other. New love is fantastic, but love realized is even better.

Q: Will there be outtakes and extras for BD?
A: There are fewer cuts as the series goes along, but she will try to post bits of FD to show how it is both similar and different from BD.

Q: Will she publish her BD spoof, "Breaking Down"? (This was mentioned in the EW article.)
A: Meyer jokes that if she hadn't been touring for "The Host", she would have leaked the spoof... it's the Hamlet ending, where Bella trips and falls off a cliff, Charlie loses his job after getting addicted to Bella's pain meds, and Bella's marriage to Mike ends when he elopes with Erik Yorkie. (I was ROTFLMAO at this point:)

Q: Why didn't we see Bella's pregnancy in Bella's POV?
A: In FD, the pregnancy is in Bella's POV. There is lag time where Bella is stuck in the house, she's missing the action... that section needed an overhaul to be more interesting... Jacob's narration grew on her because he sees everything. It was an "awesome" experience writing Jake... she finally gets to display all of Jacob's snarkiness in his head, and it made the story more action-oriented and moved it along faster.

Q: Do the cover and title of BD have meaning, and what part of BD goes with "My Never" (a Blue October song on the BD playlist)?
A: The cover is for all four books, it shows the progression of Bella from pawn to most powerful player on board, she wanted to show that visually. For the title, FD was too cheesy, she wanted a sense of disaster and a new awakening with problems, so she chose BD. "My Never" goes with page 355 in BD (this is where Jacob believes Bella has died and he and Edward are working over a corpse).

Q: Seeing Edward and other Cullens through Jacob's eyes is fascinating... what other POV's would you like to write BD in?
A: Alice would be a good one. Jacob had to evolve, admit he was wrong about Edward, and it was fascinating to see how B/E looks to to others. Alice would be the other best option because she has a separate adventure from the other Cullens, i.e. going to get Nahuel.

Q: Since Renesmee will live forever, will Jacob live forever?
A: Once the trigger of vampires is gone, Jacob can keep the same age as long as he keeps phasing... both are set up for immortality.

Q: What was the phone conversation between Rosalie and Bella like?
A: Someone Meyer talked to today said she thought Rosalie and Bella were going to run away... Meyer thinks that's cool, but what happened was Bella said "You've heard", and Rosalie is very sullen at this point because she thinks Bella has everything. Then Bella says "you have to help me, help me keep this child alive", and Rosalie's perspective on Bella changed. Rose was ready when Bella and Edward got home.

Q: Is the before car real?
A: No. The real car is the Mercedes Guard, but Meyer invented the Guardian and gave it more missile-proof armor.

Q: Why did Edward call Jacob his son in BD?
A: That was an odd moment for Meyer. Sometimes the character voice is so loud, it takes her off guard. Edward has completely accepted Renesmee's future with Jacob, their happiness is most important to him. It was cheesy but she burst into tears when she heard him say that.

Q: What was going on between Billy and Charlie?
A: Billy thought he would get together with Sue romantically, but then she fell for Charlie, and now Charlie and Billy aren't speaking. (My reaction here is WTF??)

Q: Why did Bella envision a son instead of a daughter?
A: Meyer always knew Renesmee was girl... Bella has issues with herself and couldn't imagine anything more lovely than Edward, so she thought his son was the most beautiful/amazing thing possible. Bella was happily surprised by her daughter.

Q: What happened to Leah?
A: There is a lot of story there... we don't get her much when we leave Jacob's POV... she is Jacob's Beta now and very pleased with that. She is in a better place, but if Meyer goes ahead with Twilight books, Leah would be a story she wants to follow.

Q: Has Gianna been turned into a Volturi?
A: Gianna did not make the cut!! They ATE GIANNA! (My reaction: ROTFLMAO! Also, no wonder it's so hard to get good help!)

Q: Why are Heidi's eyes purple?
A: The color was achieved with blue contacts on red irises.

Q: What made you decide on the pregnancy storyline?
A: In New Moon and Eclipse, with one exception, every moment is heading toward what happened in BD... hints are there. The one exception is the Quileute backstory.. that was written when there was possibility of just three books and she had to come up with an alternate ending in case she couldn't publish BD. (She didn't elaborate on what the ending was.)

Q: How early on did you decide that Jacob would imprint on Nessie?
A: From the very beginning, as soon as Twilight was done and she was writing epilogues.

Q: Have you seen the movie? Are you happy with it?
A: She has seen a rough cut and is thrilled, had to pack to come on tour and could only watch it once... wanted to see it again.

Q: In the end, Bella was the one protecting everyone. Did you know she'd end up strong?
A: She knew Bella would make the difference at the end... when people were talking about Bella being a weak human who needed to be rescued, it was frustrating because she knew Bella was going to end up kicking butt.

Q: Do you feel sad that Bella's perspective is over?
A: She doesn't feel sad yet due to writing MS.

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