kai (kaiwynn) wrote in lion_lamb,

with permission from supermars

twirly and i have made a new comm called lovemytwilight. it's supposed to be a wank-free place -- a place where you can go and not worry about the craziness that is fandom.

do you remember why you stayed in fandom? for me, it was because of the sweet people i'd met, who i connected to because of fandom. but with all the wank and the anger nowadays, it's getting hard to hold onto that ideal.

that's why we have lovemytwilight -- it's a place to remind you why you're still here.

right now, we're doing a "_____ makes my day!" post, so go over and tell us the nice fandomers in your life. :)

spread the love, not the hate, bbs.
Tags: promotion: lj communities
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