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What did you really want? Spoilers Alert!!

Okay guys, I just finished BD....

I don't know what to think but I am curious, so many people didn't like it (similar to how people did like how JK ended HP), some did and others are in limbo. So I thought I'd ask you guys a few general questions, just for curioiusity sake (I don't want to start out an all out war or nothing)

1. What would have made you happy? A certain character change, plot development or something else?
2. Did Bella/Ed's non-existent sex irritate you or make you happy to forever be in your happy place with Edward of your own fantasy?
3. Did you transition from hating Jake with the power of a thousand suns to mild annoyance to exasperated acceptance OR did you just hate the Wolfe from A - Z (and want to rip out Book2 from BD no matter how much you paid for it)?
4. Who is your favourite character (other than Bella or Edward) now? (I realise now that I never appreciated Emmet before now XD)
5. Do you have a sudden desire to buy goose-down pillows now? XD 
6. Were you expecting a certain character to develop differently and if so how/why?
7. Do you think we will really get a sequel? I'm really curious as to how other people see Bella now...would be nice to see and outsider observe her simlar to how she observed Edward in Twilight.
8. Did you like anything about the book? Come on not even Edward shirtless? o_0

Mod's I am a bit confused as to how we post discussions post-BD so please tell me if this is incorrectly submitted XD
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