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weekly recommendation post #1

weekly recommendation post.

This was suggested by the lovely saskaia a while back, but with the insanity of these last few weeks, we've neglected to get around to posting one until now. Use this post to rec that amazing fic that you just read, your favorite fan video, or a beautiful fan art that you've seen. Keep it Edward/Bella-related, please. Rec as many as you want, but remember that we'll have this post every week so save some good stuff. ;) In the meantime, rec away!

Personal rec of the week: A Change of Heart by bratanimus.
Summary: Our wedding night wasn’t supposed to be like this. They’d decided that Bella was too great a risk, and they were prepared to kill all of us if we fought them. Destroy the few to preserve the many, Rated R
My absolute favorite piece of Twilight fan fiction -- I really can't rec it enough. As it stands, it's going to be my personal BD canon. Read it if you haven't already; you're missing out.
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