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Fanfic: My Loch Ness Monster: Chapter 3: Jacob

**Warning: This is post Breaking Dawn, so it has spoilers for the book. Do NOT read it unless you have read the book.**

Summary under it’s own cut, because I don’t want anyone to get spoiled.

Title: My Loch Ness Monster
Author: snarkysweetness
Characters: Edward, Bella, Jacob, and Nessie. Each chapter is told from one of their perspectives.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Breaking Dawn book spoilers.
Set Post: Right after the epilogue.
Summary: Mindless mush about everyone’s different take on love for the little ‘monster’.
Disclaimer: I bow down to Stephenie Meyer.
Author's Note: I wrote this the day of the book release, right after I finished. I was feeling gooey on the inside, and I needed to get this out. It was very hard to wait to post this, but I didn’t want to put it up the day of. There are four chapters planned for this, one from each characters perspective.

*I am a horrible author, I know, I promised a chapter a day, and I ended up getting home very late from work, so I wasn’t able to get this up on time. I promise, it won’t happen with the last chapter.*

Follow the fake cut to Chapter 3
Tags: fanfiction

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