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Breaking Dawn Concert Series : Chicago Summary

JUST got back from my wonderful night in Chicago for the Breaking Dawn Concert Series ; ) Let me tell you, it was AWESOME! Seriously, seeing so many amazing and exciting Twilighters in one sold-out auditorium just BLEW me away. Below the cut is a summary of the setting, Justin's performance, and the Q & A (yes, I took notes haha). SPOILERS UNDER THE CUTS... you have been warned ; ) If you were there and would like to add your pictures/memories, leave it in the comments!!!!

- First off, the stage was beautiful. 5 huge banners, in this order: Twilight, New Moon, Breaking Dawn Concert Series, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. These long banners were illuminated (one by one ) later when the show actually started. Checked out this one guy's shirt that said: "I went gay for Edward Cullen"... best shirt of the night haha

- While waiting for the show to start, music from Steph's playlists was in the background. Familiar songs were All Over You (The Spill Canvas), I Will Possess Your Heart (Death Cab for Cutie), Uninvited (Alanis Morissette), Muse, and more.

- Show didn't start til like ten after 7. Lights went down, everyone screamed ; )

- Radio host from Q101 came out and introduced herself, the show, and Justin.

- Justin came out to thunderous applause : ) He played three acoustic songs for us: Fairy Tale, Ugly Side, and a new song called Blue Skies. Almost every song had so much emotion, I know I wasn't the only one crying ; )

- Justin takes a bow and the radio host comes back out. She's going to be heading the Q & A with Stephenie. She introduces SM, who comes out to MORE applause. Almost everyone is on their feet, screaming, etc. They sit down on couches in the center of the stage. Fans who got there earlier, before the gates opened, got to write down questions for SM to go through and choose to answer. The host has them in her hand and we're ready for the first fan-based Q & A on Breaking DAWN!!!!

(FYI, these are not VERBATIM. These are summarized answers from the quick notes I could jot down. Sorry if they're not everything/fully explained. She talks FAST!)

1. Was the published version of Breaking Dawn the final version you had planned?
SM: Had the ending figured out by oooooh... October 2003? Said she stuck to her original plan, included everything she wanted too. Had all the main elements of Forever Dawn (which was the groundwork basically for BD)... it was the only possible ending she could see for Bella and Edward.

2. A question along the lines of Don't get me wrong, I loved the book and the story but WHAT?! Bella PREGNANT?!
SM: Nessie is the reason Breaking Dawn exists. Her character was always meant to be there and to happen and was the reason things happened the way they did. Publishers originally wanted her to end it at Eclipse, have it just be Bella in high school, etc. But SM held firm and fought for Nessie; she wasn't happy leaving the ending at Eclipse.

3. Can you see them making more movies for these books?
SM: They're undecided right now, but she had a great time working with them on the Twilight movie. And she said no, she didn't even have Rob Pattinson's number to give out to us ; )

4. How is it physically possible for a vampire to make a baby?!
SM: She said people tried to trap her by saying "she saaaaaid".... misquoted online, etc. Previously when she answered these questions (having always KNOWN where the story was going and how it would include Nessie), she said only FEMALE vampires could not have babies, knowing the processes their bodies could not undergo to have one. She didn't talk about the males because she didn't want to spoil the ending... (haha) She wouldn't go into DETAILS (assuming the whole sperm debate) but said maybe more info would end up in the guide due out in Dec/Jan.

5. People were hoping for a more detailed desciption of B/E's first time and wondering why, once Bella became a vamp, everyone was all sex-crazed....
SM: There was a fine line for her in writing those scenes. She wrote what she was comfortable with, what she felt like people should be able to see. There was more to this answer but I couldn't hear with everyone cheering/screaming/etc. Sorry.

6. This was a question regarding whether James actually tracked a true "child of the moon"...
SM: Great question. Yes, James did hunt and kill one of the "children of the moon" and that's why Victoria searched for him/they became partners. That's what she thought Seth was in Eclipse but she realized he wasn't. She said she liked throwing this hint into Eclipse.

7. Renesmee? Really? What kind of a name is that? Where there any other backup names?
SM: Never. In her mind, she'd had that name for so long, she was just always Renesmee. And being such a unique and powerful character, her name had to be unique and special.

8. Who is Embry's dad?
SM: Not gonna say... Actually, she claims she doesn't know. Says her characters will even keep secrets from HER, so she can't actually answer this question. Says when she was writing Twilight, Rosalie just seemed like such a hollow person and she wasn't sure why... turns out, one morning she just realized "Oh, Rose hates Bella... because..." and once she figured that out, she could write her much better.

9. Why did Bella keep her baby, knowing what Edward said about it killing her?
SM: She herself has three kids of her own and she knows that feeling you get when you realize you are pregnant. Given the choice, if she knew she would die having a child if she carried it to term, she would still have it anyway. It's her motherly reflection into Bella's character... besides, Bella's stubborn.

10. Will Jacob ever rejoin the pack?
SM: No, once they realize they're an alpha-male (SCREAMS), they lead their own packs. They can never go back.

11. Will Jacob stay immortal with Nessie?
SM: Once Nessie reaches like 18 or 20, she'll stay like that forever (as proven)... and as long as Jacob phases into a wolf regularly, he won't age and stay immortal as well.

12. What is the meaning of the cover?
SM: 2 meanings. The first is Bella's transformation, from the weakest in the series (the pawn, red = human) to the most powerful (considering her power, becomes the queen, white = immortal). The second is a metaphor for the game of chess- hints towards the ending. Chess is diplomatic, like a court scene, and that's how the ending of the book is, with the Volturi scene.

13. You said at Comic Con your favorite B/E scene was in the 4th book... WHAT IS IT?
SM: The last 2 pages, where Bella lets Edward finally see into her mind. Edward finally gets to see how Bella had felt about him since the beginning til now... there's just no match for that scene between them.

14. Question regarding the date on Alice's tombstone being the same as the date she enters the asylum...
SM: Didn't catch this answer... she said it would be revealed more fully in the saga guide when it's released, as would more of EVERY character's back story.

15. Why did Bella skip the newborn craze/stage?
SM: Bella's transformation was completely unique. Consider all the other Cullens... they were on their deathbeds/they didn't have a choice. Bella had YEARS to think about what she wanted to be when she made her choice, how she would want to live, what she would want to eat/hunt, etc. Again, she's stubborn. She wouldn't just give in to that kind of craze.

16. What color was her Ferrari?
SM: Is there any other color to have them but red?

17. Bella was totally relatable to your readers in the first three books. Book 4, she was completely different. Why can't we relate to this Bella? (this was my question -- i almost DIED when they announced my name LOLz)
SM: Much of Bella's relatability as a character became lost when she became a vampire, so that is why. At first she's just this clumsy human, totally relatable for all of us. Then she becomes this beautiful creature with amazing powers. It's why the book had to end from her POV, because she's reached this unrelatable point as a character to us as readers.

18. What's in store for the Cullen family's futures?
SM: She's got other things to work on, return to her other ideas/stories of ghosts and hauntings and mermaids (???)... Other sequels to The Host... Maybe in time she'll return to the world of the Cullen's... but for now she feels they're explained enough. If she goes back to write about these characters, it will be for Jacob/Nessie or for Leah.

19. Similiar to 18, new series you're working on?
SM: Lots of stuff going on, etc

20. Why did you write bk 2 of BD from Jacob's POV?
SM: Because he rocks ; ) Things kinda slow down from Bella's POV... there's so much going on outside of Bella's world on the Cullen couch, like in the pack, etc. Had to show the interesting things on the outside, while still keeping up with Bella. Was very intrigued to write Jake/Edward's relationship without Bella in between them. Besides, this part was the most fun for her to write. Jake is such a fun character to get into his head...

21. What musical were B/E watching on the island?
SM: 7 Brides for 7 Brothers

22. Are you upset B/E's story is over?
SM: She hasn't gotten there yet... She's not sad, maybe because she's still in the midst of it coming out, etc. And she's still finishing up Midnight Sun, so she hasn't said goodbye to them yet. Maybe after Midnight Sun is done and out she'll feel sad. But for right now she's still too excited. They'll always be in her head ; )

- End Q & A. Stephenie thanks the host, invites Justin back out onstage : )

SM: This is the best part, I get to be friends w/a rockstar.
JF: Whatever... I just a guy who writes songs, she's like a literary god. Like the female equivalent of Jesus.

- SM explains how Justin's songs helped inspire/set the mood of certain scenes throughout the series.

- Justin plays 'Hate Me'... SM explains it's the perfect song for Edward's POV when he leaves Bella in the forest in New Moon. If Bella could move on, it would be better for her... but it would break Edward in half. Justin explains the song is knowing that you're not the right person for someone, no matter how badly you want to be, and how hard it is to walk away. (ppl cry, again)

- Talks about how the song 'Overweight' relates to series. Doesn't perform b/c it's difficult to do acoustic, but sings a small bit. SM says certain bands remind of her certain characters (Jacob = My Chemical Romance). 'Overweight' brings the sense of someone who's there, but can't be.... Justin says it's "romantically, depressingly beautiful... which makes you fall in love even more"

- Justin explains his awe for SM, how she has the patience to write a book. SM explains her awe of Justin using his raw emotions for his songs... talks about how he took her into the studio and played one of his new songs, My Never. Relates specifically to p. 355 in Breaking Dawn, when Jacob is trying to keep Bella alive during the birth... About waiting for the person that you can never have...
lyrics: Saw forever in my never and I stood outside her heaven... I would have written more but I was crying. SORRY!

- Finally, Justin performed 'The Sound of Pulling Heaven Down'... SM says this song is completely Edward at the end of New Moon... he wasted so much time, thinking he was doing the right thing... this song is him knowing he was wrong and how he's going to make up for it... It was beautiful....

... And then it was OVER : ( We waited for a while to file out and get our books signed. And Stephenie is AMAZING! There were probably over 500 people there and she STILL had a smile on her face when I saw her towards the end. Incredible... this night was incredible. Sorry, I hope this all made sense. It IS 1:20 AM and I've been up since 7AM... hope you all enjoy this. I'll post pics when I get them!!!
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    5 Buffy the Vampire Slayer 7 The Vampire Diaries 11 Pretty Little Liars 11 Dawson's Creek (Pacey/Joey themed) 17 Twilight here

  • (no subject)

    - kristen stewart here by @tenara_tristia

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    13 Pretty Little Liars 9 Smallville 10 Kristen Stewart with Robert Pattinson 14 The Vampire Diaries here