Dani (insomniaticxo) wrote in lion_lamb,

Breaking Dawn Movie...

I would really like to know your guys' thoughts for the Breaking Dawn Movie. ~Assuming they will have one, which I think it's safe to say they will. Lolz.  Edit//: Or not. Haha.

Okay, I'm well aware that the movie will not be around for quite some time (IF there's one), but I would really want to know what you all think...

The whole time I was reading BD, I kept thinking of what the movie will be like and how difficult some things will be.

~I just know that it will be rather LONG, since so much happens.
~Not sure how they are gonna play up the whole sex thing, haha. That will be very interesting.
~Kstew will probably wear some kind of pregnant thing. lol.
~If it follows the book, some parts will be very graphic...
~It's going to be very hard to cast Renesmee.
~It's going to be cool to see how they change Kstew in terms of Vamp Bella. Like, what will they do about the voice?

Those were just a few of my thoughts.

What do you guys think? Any concerns? Good things, bad things?
Tags: books: breaking dawn, discussion: movies
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