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breaking dawn compilation

Breaking Dawn Essays/Reviews
Master List

Due to the fact that some of you are writing ~essays/reviews~ and such on Breaking Dawn, I'm making a Master Post. I don't know if we'll keep approving future essays as their own post. But simply comment here, leaving a link to your journal (or wherever the post happens to be). I'll add them to the list.

ALSO, please specify if the review is positive or negative. That way I can seperate them into categories and people can know what they're getting themselves into.

Review by ilovedrmcdreamy
*Unabashed Enthusiasm for Ms. Meyer by yellownectarine
Reaction Post by marjee_mae
My final thoughts--on Breaking Dawn by lovinlifehard
Review by train_lindz
Pros of Breaking Dawn by adair7
Not Epic Win, Not Epic Fail; Just Right by candy_003
Review by kneeling_glory
Review by amidnightdream
I read Breaking Dawn...And I liked it. A lot. by jazmin22
Breaking Dawn by morgziedoll
Review by catchester
*"Why be given a body if you have to keep it shut up in a case like a rare, rare fiddle?" by lucillajoanna
Review by universe_abound

Broke Down: An Exploration of Why Breaking Dawn Failed by saskaia
WTF, Stephenie Meyer? by spiffy_
Review by lil_pixiedevil
Breaking Dawn by cattycass
Review by eumelkeks
Thoughts/Rant by no_apologies_86
Best Description Ever? by yedijoda

Zombie (Breaking Dawn Post) by snakedevil86
Review by ginny_weasley31
Detailed Reaction by adair7
BRB, Reading Breaking Dawn by bestthingaround
Breaking Down the Dawn PART ONE and PART TWO by mika_cullen
Thoughts on Breaking Dawn by nina_christine
Review by vintagestreaks

* = no spoilers
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