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Recent/New Fic

Sorry mods, I'm placing this in the queue now b/c I can't wait for 12 PST. I'm tired ; )

Title: What Should Have Been
Author: silentscream821
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: PG
Category: romance, sadness
Summary: It would be a spoiler if I detailed a summary here, so I won’t. BUT READ THE TITLE!!! 1500 words
Spoilers for Breaking Dawn lie ahead in this FIC!... my gut reaction, sorry guys!

Also, here is a list of all the Breaking Dawn Quote of the Day Drabbles I completed. Not all of them, but I clearly had no idea how involving this project would be when the quotes started coming! The list of all the links is under the cut. Thanks again to everyone who read/reads/comments. You = LOVE : )

7/12/08 : Paper, Scissor, Rock : Edward, Bella, Alice, Emmett
7/13/08 : Oh No He Didn't : Edward, Bella, Mike, Jessica
7/14/08 : Tease : Edward, Bella, Tanya
7/15/08 : Punch : Bella, Emmett
7/16/08 : The Big Game : Edward, Bella, Alice, Jasper, Emmett
7/17/08 : Acceptance : Bella, Renee, Charlie
7/18/08 : Irritation : Bella, Alice, Edward, Jasper
7/19/08 : Control : Edward, Bella
7/20/08 : Trying : Bella, Alice, Edward
7/21/08 : Crack : Edward, Bella, Charlie
7/22/08 : Separation Makes the Heart Grow Stronger : Bella, Alice, Esme, Renee, Edward
7/23/08 : Nightmare : Edward, Bella, Jacob, Alice
7/24/08 : Ready : Edward, Bella, Rosalie
7/25/08 : Guilty : Edward, Bella, Jasper
7/26/08 : Threat : Edward, Bella, Jane, Sam, Carlisle
7/28/08 : Into the Black : Bella, Jasper, Alice, Edward
7/29/08 : Eavesdropping : Bella, Alice, Edward, Seth
7/30/08 : First Time Freeze : Edward, Bella, Carlisle
Tags: fanfiction

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