sins of my youth. (bombsawaaaay) wrote in lion_lamb,
sins of my youth.

Fanfic: Paradise Comes at a Cost

Title: Paradise Comes at a Cost
Author: myself, bombsawaaaay
Characters/Pairing: Bella
Rating: G (relatively tame in graphic terms, so this seems like a safe rating)
Category: Drama, Angst
Spoilers: None
Summary: In short, Bella's transformation from human to an immortal new born.
Note(s): i haven't written anything for years (easily since highschool) and i also don't read many fan fics, so i'm not toting this as anything new or original - i simply felt inspired to write it after the fail that was breaking dawn. therefore, if it sounds like something else previously written, then i apologize beforehand. but nice comments are always appreciated. :)

( "I had also asked for this, hadn't I? Foolish, naïve lamb that I was." )
Tags: fanfiction

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