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Breaking Dawn Icons (No Spoilers, I swear on Edward's soul)

I'm getting the book on Monday so I'm trying to pass time while everybody is celebrating the release of the book. LMAO. I've made a bunch of Breaking Dawn related icons. No spoilers (I promise. Unless you count the quotes SM chose for us as spoilers. Just to be sure. I left them out of the sample images.)

[01 - 09] August 2 Predictions
[10 - 16] Breaking Dawn Confessions
[17 - 59] Breaking Dawn Quote of the Day icons (including my crazy, twisted and occasionally perverse versions of them)
[60 - 62] Breaking Dawn Warnings

Please note that the Breaking Dawn confessions are separate from the batch that I made when the first chapter came out. I've decided not to post them here coz that would be breaking my promise of no spoilers. I'll be re-posting them (using the new template) on my next set of confessions which would most probably include new ones from the book once I've read it.



1. No hotlinking.
2. Credit is preferred but unnecessary as long as you don't claim it as yours.
3. Comments are loved. A little favor though... I haven't read any of the spoilers and I don't plan to. I'm pretty sure there are other people who share my sentiments regarding this matter. If you comment, please do not post any spoilers.

62 icons can be found here at flipflopkitty
Tags: fan art: icons

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