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As we'll be resuming moderated posting in just a few hours, I thought it necessary to give a few reminders before we began again.

  • Please keep in mind that if you submit a post right when we go back to accepting posts, it won't be accepted right away. It seems that a lot of people either missed or ignored our modpost and continued to submit posts to the queue. We currently have around 40 sitting there, waiting to be accepted or rejected, and it's going to take a little than longer to get through them all -- just so that we don't flood the community at once. We'll be starting from the bottom and working our way up, so please be patient.

  • Individual Breaking Dawn reaction posts will be rejected. We welcome discussion posts but every.single.person (remember! we currently have 6669 members!) posting their reactions to the book gets a little redundant. We'll set up another discussion post so everyone can continue discussing with each other.

  • Posts with spoilers to Breaking Dawn should be under an lj-cut, otherwise they will be rejected. THIS INCLUDES ICON/GRAPHIC PREVIEWS, FIC TITLES/SUMMARIES, FANMIXES, ETC. Play nice! Not everyone has gotten the book yet and trust me, we hate rejecting posts for stupid reasons.

  • We can't control comments, but we please ask that you be as courteous as possible with spoilers. That said, I repeat that we can't control comments, and if you don't want to be spoiled, you might want to leave the community until you read the book -- otherwise, it's not our fault if you get spoiled.

  • Even with the separate discussion posts, for those who liked it and those who didn't, we've run into a few problems and I'd just like to point everyone back to welurklate's awesome modpost from a few weeks back. POINT STILL STANDS: not everyone will agree on everything, you're free to say what you please, but please don't attack those who feel differently from you. If you don't like the negativity? Stay away from it, ignore it. If you don't understand how someone could love the book? Too bad, so sad; it's not your job to harass people who do.

  • I really hate that we always have to repeat this fact, but: we are an Edward/Bella community. The relationship between those TWO. Any family: the Cullens, Charlie, or even BFF Jacob, etc, are just additions and not everyone has to like them. Again: Edward/Bella. Please keep that in mind before you post or even comment.

  • Hopefully after we begin accepting/rejecting posts, you won't see us mods posting as much as we have these last few days. If at any point, you have a question, concern, or if a situation pops up that we should be aware of, please let us know via the Page-a-Mod post, and we'll do our best to take care of it.

    Thanks, everyone! Around 12AM PST, we'll begin going through the posts.
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