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lion_lamb contest

lion_lamb's write your own breaking dawn contest

the rules:
  • One (1) fic entry per person.

  • Use whatever you want from the actual book; write your own version of BD; rewrite a scene as you wish it had happened; write a missing scene; your own epilogue...whatever. Write to your heart's content as long as it's in the BD time frame.

  • No word limit. However, it must be a one-shot. There is a word limit to livejournal entries, so please use that as your restriction.

  • The submission MUST be Edward and Bella related. For some reason, we still have problems getting people to grasp that we are a community dedicated to them, so fics for other characters won't make sense and, therefore, will automatically be disqualified.

  • ETA: Other than the E/B factor, there are no restrictions on content or rating.

  • the prizes: (yes, we have prizes!)
    the top three (3) winners will receive a Twilight movie mini poster (approx. 11x17) and a Comic-Con exclusive trading card set.

    Note: The poster in the picture is not one of the ones currently rolled neatly in rubber bands. You will receive one that didn't get any damage from Comic-Con to my hotel and then back to L.A.

    On your right, you see the trading card package you will receive. Bella to James are the trading cards inside it. According to the back of them, these are Comic-Con exclusive collectibles. You can see HQ scans of the Edward/Bella ones here, at

    Please be aware that I will need a mailing address to send your prizes.

    All fics will be put to a community vote in a poll for a week. At that point, the winners will be contacted and prizes will be sent soon after.

    You have two weeks to write and submit your one-shot. All fics should be linked in a comment here by 12AM PST August 20th.

    Have at it! We can't wait to see what you all come up with. If you're not a fic writer and still want a prize...don't fret. We'll have something for you soon enough. ;)
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