Kalie (calikalie) wrote in lion_lamb,

promotion: new twilight fic community

Naturally, as a mod, I enjoy taking advantage of the community at an opportune time. And I figured that since it'll be several hours before regular moderated posting resumes and many of you may be in the midst of writing some Breaking Dawn fic, this works out perfectly.

Question: Are you one of those people that get frustrated over a community's lack of organization and tags when you're trying to search through some fanfiction to read? Yes? Well, look no further, because we have just the Twilight fic community for you.

JOIN AND PIMP, EVERYONE. Because tags make the world go 'round. We allow fic of every rating, every ship, even RPF, if it floats your boat. We're just trying to do our part in fandom to keep things easy to search through, organized, and not an eyesore. We hope to see this community grow, so start posting!
Tags: promotion: lj communities

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