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teen hollywood interview

I love how RPattz manages to make my Twilight world so much brighter with the words of his mouth. He is the only thing that can save us all, now.

I'm posting the ~highlights~ of this interview (aka anything RPattz says). No really, I left out Rachelle's comments and kept in Rob's. However, I did leave a couple of his comments out too. Sorry, I got lazy. Whatever. This interview is amazing. Read it or consider yourself banned.

teen hollywood fantastic interviewCollapse )

ETA to add the best part ever:
TeenHollywood: Do you use tongue or no tongue?

Robert: [Laughing] I always try to slip a bit of tongue in.

OMGGGGG clearly I somehow forgot to add this one in, even though I thought I had. KEEP TRYING ROB. KEEP. TRYING.

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We will be resuming regular posting around 12AM PST. That kinda sucks cause that's 3AM for me, but sadly the majority of the mods live in LA. HDT.

searchtheskies found this for me. Without her, I am nothing
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