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I love how RPattz manages to make my Twilight world so much brighter with the words of his mouth. He is the only thing that can save us all, now.

I'm posting the ~highlights~ of this interview (aka anything RPattz says). No really, I left out Rachelle's comments and kept in Rob's. However, I did leave a couple of his comments out too. Sorry, I got lazy. Whatever. This interview is amazing. Read it or consider yourself banned.

Robert: My character is Edward Cullen, and he's a semi-reluctant vampire, who doesn't really know why he even exists. He's always thinking, "I either want to die, or become a human because just being a vampire is so utterly pointless." He's 108 years old, maybe 109. He's stuck in the body of 17-year-old school kid, pretending to be a human. And then, he finds this mortal girl, Bella, and initially wants to devour her. Then, it turns into an all-consuming love for her. It's just very difficult for a vampire to be in love with someone he wants to eat all the time. The story is the problems, the trials and the tribulations which occur when a vampire falls in love with a normal girl that he wants to kill.

I think Rob is trying to tell us Edward wants to devour/eat/and kill Bella. TWISTED.

TeenHollywood: Don't you know that an immortal can't fall in love with a mortal?

Robert: It's true.

TeenHollywood: Does it end badly?

Robert: No. Well, it's arguable. Edward knows that he is a vampire and that he always will be, and that Bella will always be a mortal, until she's dead, so there's not a huge amount he can do about it. But, it's essentially a pretty happy situation.


TeenHollywood: When you did finally read the book, did you think, "Well, I'm really beautiful, so I'd be good at this"? How do you live up to the expectations with the character description in the book?

Robert: The casting people talked to me and said, "Read the book." I did and I just thought, "This is really dumb. It's just so pointless, even going up for it," which is what a lot of the fans said. [Laughing] After I initially got cast, it was like, "He wasn't even on the short list." It was really left-field casting. It is kind of weird. I spent a long time, thinking, "How can I take the whole beautiful thing as an interpretation?" I realized that it's just Bella saying that he's so beautiful, and she's in love with him and obsessed with him. He could be a piece of cheese and she'd say the same thing.

That is true. Bella would react the same way.

TeenHollywood: Stephenie said that when she was on set, watching your performance as Edward, it was just like the image in her head. Did you have conversations with her, about the character, to make sure you were on the right track?

Robert: With a lot of the stuff in Twilight, it's very difficult to see what Edward is thinking. He's always hiding things from Bella. When I read the unfinished manuscript of Midnight Sun, which is from Edward's perspective, that changed things and helped things a bit. I just tried to think, "If you'd been bitten by some guy, while you were unconscious, and then, suddenly you wake up and you're eternal, and you have super-strength and super-speed, and you want to kill people all the time and drink their blood, when you were a normal 17-year-old guy before, and you wake up three days later and you're completely messed up, and then you go off and kill 50 people, it's like, 'Oops!'" I tried to think about that, as a character, rather than thinking that this is a vampire, right from the beginning. I was thinking that he's just a normal guy who got bitten by someone.

It woulda been kinda amazing if Rob had not taken a single breath as he said that line I have in bold.

TeenHollywood: Had you been a vampire fan prior to this?

Robert: I wasn't really a massive vampire fan, or anything. I like the idea of them, and I like the way traditional vampires move. It's nice to play that. I'm not really the most athletic of people, so I'm better with the slow movements. But, the vampires in Twilight are nothing like other vampires. They don't even really look like vampires. They kind of do. I kind of look like a vampire in the poster.

TeenHollywood: Who are your favorite vampires, from either movies or books?

Robert: I like the original Nosferatu, Max Schreck. He was amazing. He had an amazing face. I thought that was really cool.


TeenHollywood: Did you do a lot of research on vampires?

Robert: Not on vampires, really. I guess it's kind of easy to make it cliched. There's so many hundreds of thousands of vampire movies. And also, in the story, they're not really conventional vampires. They don't really look like vampires, and they don't die in the sun. Every little characteristic of vampires is just abandoned. I was trying to do it in as basic a way as possible. You just get bitten by somebody, and then you're a vampire and you live forever, and you're super-strong and stuff.

TeenHollywood: There seem to be two types of vampires -- the nice, angsty ones, like with Buffy and Lestat, and the pure, killing, evil ones. Where do you stand on that issue?

Robert: Victoria is one of the bad vampires, and Edward tries to be nice to people, but not really. That's what a lot of the story is about as well. Edward is deciding to go against his base instincts. He knows he's a vampire, and he knows that what vampires do is go around killing people. That's the whole point in being a vampire. In denying that, it's kind of boring. If you're a human, you can go around doing whatever you want, at all times. I think most people would choose to do that. And Edward, for some reason, decides he doesn't want to do that, and he's trying to figure out why he doesn't want to do that, the whole time. But, I think the vampires who kill everyone make a lot more sense.

The Cullens don't act like superheroes at all, which is really strange. They have all these superpowers, but they don't go around helping people or saving anyone. They just want to keep themselves to themselves, and that's it. They just want to have as normal a life as possible.

Edward saves Bella's life, and he could have saved some other people's lives, but he just doesn't.

TeenHollywood: What was it like to work with Kristen Stewart? What did she bring to the project?

Robert: When I was looking at the book and I thought it was impossible to play the character, I did the screen test with Kristen and I just really didn't expect the girl who was playing Bella to be like that at all. It just drew something out. That's why I really wanted to do the movie, afterwards. It just felt really right, in the screen test. She's really, really good. She's an amazing actress. She'll be really, really big. In a lot of ways, Bella is a damsel figure in Twilight, but Kristen is kind of tough. It's interesting because you see this young, mortal girl having this relationship with, basically, a demi-God and she's a lot stronger, in a lot of ways, and he looks to her for support, which I really liked. Kristen really has that strength in her.

And people wonder why fans go crazy with the RL shipping. HATERS TO THE FAR LEFT.

TeenHollywood: How did you approach kissing scenes in the movie?

Robert: I kinda just approached it from the front.

LOLOL. Rob, can you approach me from the front?

TeenHollywood: In the book, it talks about how, when Bella and Edward are close, there is that temptation for him to attack her. How do you put that into your performance?

Robert: The more Bella says, "I'm not scared of you You're not a monster," the more Edward believes it himself, and he forgets that he is a vampire and what his actual urges are. He tries to kiss her and, obviously, it ends up being a nightmare

She has this hormonal rush, and I have the "I want to kill you" rush. It ends up being quite sexy, in a weird way. You're at a point where you want to do everything and kill them, at the same time. It's the peak.

TeenHollywood: Were there a lot of stunts involved?

Robert: It's much harder than it looks. You would think that it's kind of easy to do because you're essentially being pulled around, but it's very difficult to just even maintain your sense of your center of gravity. You have to really fight against it, as well as letting it do what it needs to do.

It's one of the hardest things I've ever done. I'd done wire work in other stuff, but normally with wire work, you're just getting hit, so you fall over and it doesn't really matter what happens to you. Anyone can fall. But, with all the stunts in this, we had to look good doing it, so it was kind of tough

TeenHollywood: Is the rain as constant in the movie, as it is in the book?

Robert: Oregon has the strangest weather stuff that happens, especially in the spring, when we were shooting. It would be sunny, snowing, raining and hailing, at exactly the same time. Though it could be raining, there'd be no clouds in the sky. It was like fake weather. Every two minutes, the weather would change.

TeenHollywood: Since this is your first time doing press interviews, this must also be your first Comic Con then?

Robert: Yeah, it is my first experience at Comic Con.

TeenHollywood: How have you found all this craziness?

Robert: I'm kind of terrified!

TeenHollywood: So, what's it like to be in one of the most anticipated films of the year?

Robert: Oh, it's terrible. [Laughing] It's terrifying, in a lot of ways. It is kind of exciting. I still can't really come to terms with it. It's just strange. I'm always just terrified. I'm terrified of everything. [Laughing] I don't know why. As soon as one person recognized me, I started freaking out. Wherever I go, I freak out. Even when people come up, they're always really nice, so it doesn't make any difference. But, for some reason, I'm just a good freaker-outer. I just freak out, all the time.

POOR BB IS TERRIFIED. Let's see, 5 uses of terrible/terrified. 4 uses of freak/freaking. I THINK THIS POOR BOY IS TRYING TO TELL US SOMETHING.

TeenHollywood: Before anybody had even seen any footage, you already had fans who are devoted to you, just because of your association with this project. What is it like to be a part of this phenomenon?

Robert: It's bizarre. You know that it is, essentially, because of the book. The book has so many obsessively loyal fans. It's strange because people just immediately relate you to the character right away, rather than as an actor.

It's okay Rob. I CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE. Call me

TeenHollywood: At what point did you become aware of the extent of the popularity of the books?

Robert: Everybody loved Rachelle, in the beginning. Everybody hated me at the beginning, universally.

It is kind of weird. When you read the description of him, it says he's so beautiful, it hurts to look at him. It's difficult to act that, so I wouldn't really know how to go about doing it. I hope there's been a lot of post-production. [Laughs]

TeenHollywood: Are you looking forward to being a poster on the walls of teenage girls?

Robert: I don't know. I like the doll. The doll is cool. That's what I really want. I want to have a little button in the back, so you can do stuff with it. I'm looking forward to the doll more than the poster.

...........ROFL. I've learned to just grin.and.nod.

TeenHollywood: Has the buzz on this movie generated any other offers for you?

Robert: Yeah. Things definitely have changed. When the first trailer came out, I don't think anybody expected it to do as well as it did, but it got four million hits in three days, or something ridiculous.

~teh interview~

ETA to add the best part ever:
TeenHollywood: Do you use tongue or no tongue?

Robert: [Laughing] I always try to slip a bit of tongue in.

OMGGGGG clearly I somehow forgot to add this one in, even though I thought I had. KEEP TRYING ROB. KEEP. TRYING.

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    5 Buffy the Vampire Slayer 7 The Vampire Diaries 11 Pretty Little Liars 11 Dawson's Creek (Pacey/Joey themed) 17 Twilight here

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    - kristen stewart here by @tenara_tristia

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    13 Pretty Little Liars 9 Smallville 10 Kristen Stewart with Robert Pattinson 14 The Vampire Diaries here