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mod!post - insert John Lennon lyric here.

Alright kids, it's been brought to the mods attention that we may have address the issue of bashing and various members have differing opinions in the comm and how it should be dealt with. So this is us doing that.

First of all, don't be an asshole - we're all Edward/Bella shippers here and have that one big common interest so be kind to your brethren. Hopefully, this goes without saying but between Breaking Dawn being released shortly and the movie, etc, people are bound to have different opinions on various things and that's more than cool. Being mean to each other because of it? Is not.

We don't want bashing here, that is definitely not to say you have to love everything and everyone but bashing the Robert or Kristen or Edward and Bella is probably best left to your personal journal or another comm. and yes, there is a big difference between disliking something and stating your feelings maturely and reasonably and "OMG KRISTEN IS THE WORST ACTRESS EVA1!!! THEY SHOULD HAVE CASTED BRITNEY SPEARS!!!" Ultimately, this is a shipper community, we don't want this place to become a dark pit of hate and internet rage. That's what tw_secret is for. (I kid, I kid. Maybe.)

On the flip side, PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO NOT LOVE EVERYTHING AND SAY SO. We're not going to censor anyone who is not wanky about their opinions, sorry. You don't like someones less than positive comment on the most recent Twilight movie clip that leaked? IGNORE IT. You want positivity? Be positive. This is the internet, kids, not everyone is going to be happy all the time, accept that.

Hey! If everyone is mature and respectful and plays nice, you won't have to read these annoying posts anymore! It's a win/win/win.

Lastly, if anyone has any complaints or comments for the mods, please FEEL FREE to contact one of us, we are all fairly accessible and always open to hearing from you guys.

P.S. - No Meyer, we are not shutting down because of spoilers. Sorry.
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