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Past Discussions

With the arrivals of a good numbers of new people at lion_lamb ,all fairly eager to participate in the community, there's been a number of discussions posted that were already discussed a few months ago. While we understand that newbies haven't had a chance to participate in those discussions, we'd rather not see the eternal Jacob versus Edward debate, or the dreaded question "how do you think will BD end?" again.

This compilation of past discussions is here to show you what's been discussed before and hopefully sparkle new perspectives on new subjects. It'd be great if, before posting a question/discussion, you could take a look at that post. If your question has already been asked, or discussion been made, please do not post.

Of course, this is not 100% finished, and there are probably a good number of posts that need to be added, so please be patient! And if you remember something that's not in there, please comment with a link!
This post will be added to the sidebar so please don't hesitate to check it before posting!


How does Bella remember what Renee said to Charlie when she left?
Finding Bella's keys
Edward's smell

New Moon:
Why is New Moon the least favourite book in the series?
Edward leaving in New Moon, 1, 2
Bella's hallucinations
Edward's voice during Bella's hallucinations
Edward when he was away during New Moon

Bella's aversion to marriage
The black box


Breaking Dawn:
What is your take with Breaking Dawn?
General questions, 1, 2
Stephenie Meyer and happy endings
Looking more into the title
Breaking Dawn and Forever Dawn's original cover
Breaking Dawn's tagline
What are your best/worst case scenarios for Breaking Dawn?
Could it all be a dream?
What could be the circumstances surrounding Bella's transformation?
Could Edward become human again? 1, 2
Bella's power, 1, 2, 3
Foreshadowing in New Moon

Midnight Sun:
Would you want Stephenie to continue on with Edward's thoughts through New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn?
Midnight Sun snippet


Edward and Bella basis for love and relationship 1, 2
Marriage and legality
Best Edward/Bella moments
Would the books have the same appeal if both the characters were vampires?
What are the risks when Edward kisses Bella?
What would Edward sacrifice if he could become human again?
What if Bella and Edward were related?
The Bella hate
Edward's rebellious period
Why do you like Edward?


Bella and Jacob in New Moon
Poll about Bella/Jacob in New Moon, Edward/Bella and Breaking Dawn
Jacob's abusive ways in Eclipse
Bella and Jacob in Eclipse, falling in love?
If there were no monsters or magic, would Bella and Jacob be together?
Edward vs Jacob debate, part I, part II
Imprinting, 1, 2
Jacob in the epilogue

Title theories
If you could change one thing about the books...
Bella's period
Twilight and feminism
The Cullens in Forks and time confusion
The Treaty and the Cold Ones
Cullen? Masen? What will be the story once Bella is changed?
Vampire Sex
Vampire powers and Bella's mind, 1, 2

Why didn't Alice see right away that Bella escaped from jasper at the airport in Twilight?
Irina and Laurent
Why isn't Edward attracted to Renee and Charlie's blood?
Life after Breaking Dawn

Essay on Edward (not) being abusive
Chosen, an Edward/Bella essay
Sexual content in Twilight
Twilight and The Little Mermaid
Essay about Jacob and Edward

On other books capturing Edward's essence
Tuck Everlasting
Moonlight and Twilight

Stephenie Meyer's favourite books
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