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Another Re-Cap from soneone on Oprah.

Source = Robsessed

So one of our readers Marie was lucky enough to get tickets for "The Oprah Show" last week and you know what that means, Yeap she also got to see "Eclipse".


Here is her hilarious account of her "Oprah Show" experience and her "Eclipse" review is after the cut. If you don't want to be spoiled then don't read it.

We got down there a little after six and we got in line.
In the waiting room, we waited, very impatiently, for and hour and a half. That was torture, I tell you! Torture. We were sitting across for one of the groups of lucky girls that Rob paid a visit to last night, and they showed us their picture with Rob. They told them that they were going to be Skyped into the show and that they were coming to their house to set up, and then they showed up with Rob! The killer part is my sister Barb got a call on Monday about the Skype thing and if they picked her, she would need to be available Tuesday night. So she was in the running!!!! So close!!!!!! I really think, judging by the girls that were picked, that they were really looking for the 14 year old group. (Kate: Aww So close!)

Anyway, when they called our numbers, we actually got pretty good seats! Not down in the very front, but in the stadium farthest on the right facing the stage. So we were like, 30 feet away from Rob maybe. When Rob, Kristen and Taylor came out, the audience lost it! Seriously! It was crazy. Rob was wearing a brown button down shirt, jeans and those famous shoes that he has that match Kristen's. Kristen was wearing capri length leggings, a olive green long top and gorgeous heels. Taylor was the most dressed up with a suit jacket and pants, dress shoes. Side note - Taylor's dad was in the audience. Trying to keep a low profile on the show, but they did get him to talk to us before the show, and he has the same voice as Taylor!

Here are some things to look forward to when you see the show:

- the video of Rob visiting those houses last night was freaking hilarious. The one house, they took forever to answer the door, and when the finally did, Rob was like, "I was about to break into your house". At the second house, Rob rang the doorbell, and a dog started barking. So Rob is like, "oooh, they have a dog" and then he kinda woofed at the dog. (Kate: I have a dog Rob, come visit me! ) SOOOO CUTE!!!! The best part was watching Rob watch the videos because he is like cracking up at himself, but you can tell he's kinda embarrassed too.

- they also did one in LA where Taylor surprised a sorority of girls and they all are getting to go the Eclipse premiere!
- Oprah asked THE question about what is going on between Rob and Kristen. You knew she would. They just keep coming up with newer and better ways to completely avoid answering that question. Today Rob's response was, "Kristen is pregnant!" LOL Then Kristen said, "But he's carrying it" She said something like do you really think these hips could handle giving birth or something like that....I can't remember exactly what she said, but something goofy like that, and then of course that was it. They never answered the question.
- Rob mentioned that he was getting ready to film Water for Elephants, and me and like one other person were like "woohoo!". Me and that other person must have been the only 2 that have read it I guess. LOL
- One girls stood up and talked about how much she admired Kristen, and while she was talking, we are right behind her!!!! I don't know how well you will be able to see us, but look for the pink shirt (me) and the green shirt (Victoria). Then Kristen called her up on the stage and gave her the ring she wore, I think she said in Twilight.
- Oprah says something to Kristen about how shy she is, and then gets up and goes and gives her a hug. It was really cute.
- Oprah mentioned that Rob was named one of Time's 100 Most Influential People and People's Most Beautiful. She asked Rob which meant more to him and he said the Most Beautiful! LOL Then Rob mentioned that he beat Barack Obama for the most influential and also he liked the blurb that Chris Wietz wrote about him.

THE BEST MOMENT! Kassie and I had been kind of daring each other to yell Rob when it was quiet during the breaks. Then finally, at the last break, Kassie, being the brave woman that she is, yelled "Rob!" and he looked at us, so we started waving like idiots, and he smiled and waved back!!!!! We just about died right there and then. The a few minutes later, when they were leaving, the went past us and Victoria called Taylor and he looked and smiled.

Upon leaving, Oprah told us that we would be getting Bella's ring! So we all got a certificate to send in for Bella's Engagement Ring! Then there were some ladies outside passing out Eclipse posters and Burger king crowns! Sweet!
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