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Welcome to the Rileys Clip

This ain't no Bella, people!

As you may already have heard, Kristen Stewart stars in one of this year's Sundance Film Festival favorites Welcome to the Rileys, a drama about a married man (James Gandolfini) who finds himself looking after a 16-year-old prostitute (Stewart) he met in a strip joint...

In this exclusive sneak peek, a seemingly naked Stewart lays in bed barely covered by a sheet as Gandolfini barks at her about cussing before demanding she get up and go with him to a laundromat.

So, who do you think looks better with Stewart: Rob Pattinson or Gandolfini?

Just kidding! Enjoy the clip.

And make sure to keep coming back right here for Sundance dish galore. We'll be at the festival to get ya the goods on Stewart (who also has The Runaways showing at the film fest), James Franco, Marisa Tomei and, of course, a Kardashian or two.

Source via team_kbitch 
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