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Picture and Recap from someone who met Kristen last night.


Full Size Pic Here

Ok so keep in mind this is ME here and i cant type. I alsom wrote this out at 2 am after cocktails AND FUCKING MEETING KRISTEN STEWART

Vancouver day 1: Twi-travels of Maggie and Trina: set stalking and chance encounters.

We went to the school on a hunch. After talking to some kids they revealed that they were indeed filming there today. Kristen Rob Nikki and Ashley had all made brief appearances that we had missed *sad face*. So we wait around to s if they were coming back and the crew starts loading things in the massive caravan of trucks, we figured something was about to go down, we went to the other side of the school and waited. The security guards started getting real antsy so we got excited!! A whole crap ton of extras started poring out of the buildings and in to vans. I figured they’d escaped in one of them..(that’s what I would do!) Then the scurity guys got really antsy and a white suv pulled out and rolled down the back window.. KRISTEN AND NIKKI!! She smiled and waved and I got pictures like a creep. Then a black SUV pulled up with the window rolled down and Rob smiled and looked all shy and adorable as he waved and giggled like a thirteen-year-old boy. We decided to try to follow them to and lost them *sad face again*. We go to Starbucks for the wi-fi (which is NOT FREE in Canada FYI) to blog about our amazing encounter just hours after our arrival. We decided to go walking around town cuz we honestly thought we had a chance of finding them on the streets of Vancouver.

As we are walking we stop at what we were told may b the hotel Kristen is staying and who do we find but a bunch of pap’s OOTside (lol) so we saunter on over like creeps again and talk to them about who is staying there and they tell us Kristen is a C*** and all this horrible stuff. We defended her like crazy and basically told them they were scum, it was great. They did however give us some great info on locations to find them (which to your disappointment we will not b disclosing). They tell us Taylor just walks around town with his dad all day (score!) And then they told us where the cast likes to hang out. After we left them we decided to walk in the general direction that the paps had seen Jackson and Nikki going mere minutes before we showed up. We are walking around town and Trina randomly just turns around and asks this poor unsuspecting man where al the gay bars are. Much to my approval he is a homosexual man named Sandy. He tells us Britney spears is here and how much he doesn’t care (LOVE HIM). So we walk some more and more and more and then remember, it’s Kristen’s Birthday at midnight that night and that she will be 19, which is the legal drinking age in Canada. *Epiphany* We decide to buy her a bottle of something to give to her on set the following day..not knowing her fave drink I called my lovely TwiB to ask if she knows(She didn’t but I called her about 15 minutes later elling her how we ran nto her SECNDS after buying her drink and it’h hilarious.)) So we buy her a bottle of Jose Cuervo cause well she s 19. We were going to get wrapping and such in the morning. We walk past a club that I had recognized as one of Rob’s favorite spots to go so , like creeps again, we decide to go in there just because he had walked through the same doors. We go to the bathroom and as we are peeing Trina says to me; “How funny would it be if Kristen Stewart walked in the door right now?

To which I reply; ”fucking hilarious” we go to the sink to wash up and Trina ineffectively tries to wash her hands with mouthwash LMAO and we do a little touch up in the mirror. Not 10 seconds later and I put this on my life, the door opens and Kristen mother fucking Stewart walks in. *jaw drop*
I just looked at her like, um should I just ignore her? That’s when Trina comes in. “Uh, Kristen? We got you a birthday present.”

Kristen ”Really? No way.”
Hands over brown paper bag “it’s a bottle of liquor.”
Maggie “it’s your birthday at midnight right?”

Kristen takes it says, “yeah” all amused, opens it “tequila, that’s appropriate, ya know coming of age” she grabs puts it back in and wraps it up and said with a very characteristic head shake/blink “That’s.. SO nice, like seriously.” ( I nearly died when she did that because I am officially gay for her now)
I tell her how we had littereally bught it 10 feet away maye 2 minutes previously, to which she chuckled.
Trian tells her how great she is as Bella and tells her se is awesome and thanked her for bringer her character to life. She was very modest with a “well thank you”

I told her we saw her on set today and asked if tey would be there tomorrow too, she said yes!
We apologize for being creeptastic and sorry she probably has to pee, “No, Oddly enough I just wanted to make sure I didn’t have purple (squeal) shit on my lips so the paps wouldn’t be all (big hand motions out headlines) ‘Kristen Stewart Fucking slob’” She checks her self out in the mirror and proceeds to try to wash her hands with mouthwash, LMAO, we told her it was mouthwash and she laughed and asked how we knew, “ She totally did it a second ago.” Points finger at trina.
We told her we had talked to the paps and she asked if they said she was a total bitch, and we said (quietly) yes… She was very interested in that lol we talked to her about it for a while and she was just mad, I told her we defended her and she is like “well yeah, when they’re all screaming (sonic boom voice) ‘KRISTEN, KRISTEN!’ I don’t want to talk to them. (love her)
I was a little fazed and was talking a mile an minute ad some how told her we were going to Italy for filming *creep alert*

She says,”wait! Is it just chance that you ran into me here?” we say “Here? As in this club? Yes, totally We’re from Minnesota we have no idea where anything is.” She said it was “just…crazy” Head shake/blink again!!
We tell her goodbye, she grabs her booze and I ask if she will get in trouble for having it, to which she replies, and I quote, “I’m just gonna go out side with this and say FUCK YOU!” With bottle in hand as she puts up both middle fingers. *oh please, I’m in looove*

We told her sorry and we would leave her alone and she was all “No! it’s fine!” Sweetest thing EVER. Fucking paparazii, talking shit. We apologizingly asked her for a picture to which she agreed I took a pic of her Trina, they both blinked, lol another one. It’s DARK in this bathroom by the way. I *almost* took out my giant papparazi camera but i got it to focus and all was good Trian took a pic of her and I together. Damn that girl is TINY. Wait till you se her little pose (tehee). AFTER we took the pictures she informs me she HATES getting pics taken of her, (sad face) sorry. Trina said she looked really good in the pic with me and then she asked to see them!! “Let me see ‘em!” Did I tell you how much I love her?? We told her thank you an absurd amount of times and left her in the bathroom to mull over her very strange bathroom fan encounter.


Also keep in mind that sh ereutrned to her tble which by the way is ALL the twi-cast with something she did not have when she left. So she obviously had to explain where the F it came from WHICH means the entire twi-cast knows we exist. WOOT!
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