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Rob Related Oscar Rumours on IMDB

One member of IMDB who probably sat in on the Oscar rehearsals has been posting updates on the Erik Fellows (never heard of him either) board and said that Rob will be presenting with Amanda Seyfried from Mamma Mia.  He isnt presenting an award but a montage of the most romantic moments in film in 2008. Twilight is featured and you see the kiss and other romantic moments in Twilight as well as scenes from other romantic films. A few comments from the poster in responses to IMDB questions  :

he was nervous, but was talking to everyone.. it seemed the other celebs were more nervous to meet him!!!!! he was definatly in awe at the caliber of celebs that were there and had some butterflies


"he had some funny lines...i'm gonna try an decifer audio

Rob: I had to become a Vampire to find the right woman
Amanda: Hey I have 3 dads
Rob: And the movies continue to be obsessed....figuring out love never goes out of style".


He is not clean shaven yet!!!! he kinda looked like a homeless guy today.. but i'm sure tomorrow he will look great !!!!

he did not kiss amanda....she seemed in awe of him though... I got to give Rob a hug..and he autographed my 2 81st ACADEM AWARD REHEARSAL wristbands

I met him b4 but this is the first I hugged. him.. i felt for him and was so proud!!!!! cuz it's a big deal for him he was genuinly nervous

When he's introduced they say "Star of Twilight". He was also spotted talking with Efron during rehearsals! No sign of Kristen at all.  I must admit the details on IMDB about Rob and the rest of the show (particularly the intro with Hugh) seem too detailed not to be true.
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