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Comic-Con 2008 Compilation

From the mods who brought you the MTV Movie Awards Compilation, this is the 2008 Comic-Con master post. This is our attempt at organization, which is vital to seven girls who all bear some form of OCD. This will contain every link to every post made about Twilight at the con. To get your personal recounts (or pics, etc.) added to the list, comment on this entry with a link to your post. Otherwise this will be compiled of links to all the related lion_lamb posts.

I may be a little late updating because most of the others are out partying (joke), and even though my time zone is incredibly inconvenient to try and match up with San Diego (especially because I'm out every day), I'm the best choice.

I will split everything up into categories as the posts come.
Now...let the pandemonium begin!

Everglow's Comic-Con Exclusives (HQ)
Panel 1 (via here on Flickr)
Rob at the panel 1 (via ontd_twatlight)
Rob at the panel 2 (via ontd_twatlight)
ShockTillYouDrop's Gallery (full coverage)
Kristen, Taylor, Rob 1 (Film School Rejects)
Panel 2 (U.G.O. Movie Blog)
Kristen, Taylor, Rob 2 (IESB)
Rob, Rob, Rob (
Panel 3 (Geeks of Doom)
Panel 4 (IMDb)
Panel 5 (missonshine)
Kristen, Taylor, Rob HQ batch (via Intoxicated Twilight)
Kristen, Robert, Rachelle, Taylor Untagged HQs
Panel 6 (_secondthought)
Kristen, Stephenie, and Catherine (via EW)
Kristen, Robert, Rachelle, Taylor Untagged HQs 2
'Twilight' Masterminds Catherine Hardwicke, Stephenie Meyer Take In Wild Comic-Con, Talk Movie's Music (Stephenie and Catherine)
Panel 7 (dhfreak)
Panel 8 (paniclover4life)
Rob during Panel (slicvic321)
CON: Twilight (from JoBlo, of Kristen, Rob and Taylor)

The Panel (Recounts and videos)
YouTube - ChibiInumori 1 2 3
‘Twilight’ Comes to Comic Con - Here’s the Talent Video Intro (Rope Of Silicon)
    - YouTube
YouTube - wowimawesome Favorite Bella/Edward Moments
YouTube - bluegreyeys1982 Intro 1 2 3
YouTube - Kristaynuh Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Compilation of Rob Videos (
YouTube - ash0515 1 2 3 4
YouTube -
kelsvv123 1 2 3 4 5 6
YouTube - mandie627 1 2 3 4
YouTube - sheilam05 Part of the Intro 1 2
YouTube -
eastlake1248 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Video: Twilight Panel(Empire Online)
Wolverine, Max Payne, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Twilight and more... (Empire Online)
YouTube - iannamarie 1 2 3 4 5
Paulina_Potter's Recount
YouTube (possibly the best quality you're going to get) - kelzosaurus
Introductions Rob on Twilight The lullaby Rob needs love Kristen The stupid question Taylor Kristen on Bella Favorite B/E moments
Missonshine's Recount
Panel Transcription (by rose_janice)
Good quality video - honmani

The Ballet Scene
YouTube link by rrubberxduckey
Topaz Shadow's Screencaptures
Lion_Lamb post
Download 1 (Various formats available. Quality: see YouTube link above.)

Interviews (Including videos, audio, text)
ShockTillYouDrop's Audio Interviews
MTV - 'I Was Really Stunned, Actually' (Rob)
         'Today Probably Had To Be A Little Scary' (Catherine and Stephenie)
         'Rob Has Two Other Songs In The Film' (Catherine and Stephenie)       
         'It Was Just Surreal' (Cam)
         'My Friends Are Having A Party For The Next Book' (Fans)
         'Jacob Can Be My Space Heater' (Fans)
Twilight at Comic-Con: Catherine Hardwicke Wants to Do ‘New Moon’ (Film School Rejects)
MTV Fan Interviews - 'Twilight' Fans Geek Out at Comic-Con
'Twilight' Cast Craziness at Comic-Con (ET Online)
        + Screencaps (Topaz Shadows)
EW Exclusive: Stephenie Meyer Interview (and watch all 4 parts)
Edi, Rachelle, and Taylor (MSN)
Robert, Stephenie and Catherine (MSN)
Capone Attempts to Steal Bella Away from Edward! (Ain't It Cool with Kristen)
'Twilight' Freak Out (MSN)
Comic-Con: ‘Twilight’ star Robert Pattinson talks about the Entertainment Weekly cover (LA Times)
Comic-Con: 'Twilight' fan-demonium, ears are ringing (LA Times)
Boxers or briefs? 'Twilight' star Robert Pattinson answers (LA Times)
Twilight Cast/Crew/Author Interviews (G4)
SDCC 08: Cast Interviews (IGN)
Kristen Stewart: Bella in 'Twilight' (Premiere with picture)
EW: Video interview with Catherine and Stephenie (5 parts)
Pattinson and Lefevre Discuss ‘Twilight’ Movie
(Rope Of Silicon)
Twilight Takes on Comic-Con (E!)

Posts on lion_lamb
IESB and ShockTillYouDrop links
Comic Con report by
Small Comic-Con report by AP
POP WATCH Reports on Comic Con
Rob Video (via
The Ballet Scene
MSN interviews with some Twilight Characters
Comic Con Panel Interview Vids
Extended Ballet Scene!
New ET Video
G4TV interviews the cast at Comic Con 2008
Comic Con Transcription?
LA Times Interviews Rob
Teens in the Twilight zone (The Strait Times, newspaper photos)
Sparkle Effects Article!
MTV - More on Twilight Music & Bella's Lullaby
IGN Comic-Con 08 Cast Interviews
TwiHard Fangirls put Fanboys in their place!
Win Promo Trading Card Pack (Everglow)
Muse Song
Article in Local Newspaper
Robert Pattinson and Rachelle Lefevre Interview
And Twilight Tuesday Brings More Comic-Con (with downloads)
Another video of the comic-con panel
- honmani
Thank You (MTV Article)
Interview and new picture of Kristen

Breaking Dawn spoilers straight from Stephenie Meyer
EW Interview with Catherine & Stephenie
Twilight Takes On Comic-Con

MTV Articles
‘Twilight’ Booth Sets Up Shop At San Diego Comic-Con
‘Twilight’ Fans Stretch One-Mile Deep At Comic-Con
Twilight Cast, Crew Reveal Extended Scene, Confirm Robert Pattinson's 'Lullaby' At Comic-Con
‘Twilight’ Fans Geek Out ‘OME’-Style At Comic-Con
'Twilight' Star Robert Pattinson Reveals His Inner Geek, Has Beatles Moment At Comic-Con
Hanging With The ‘Twilight’ Crew Backstage At Comic-Con
'Twilight' Masterminds Catherine Hardwicke, Stephenie Meyer Take In Wild Comic-Con, Talk Movie's MusicThe ‘Twilight’ Cast Offers A Comic-Con Message To The Fans
'Twilight' Tuesday: 10 Things Comic-Con Taught Us About 'Twilight'
If A ‘Twilight’ Star Were Standing Next To You, What Would You Ask Them?

Pop culture fanatics converge on Comic-Con (CNN)
Comic-Con: Waiting for the 'Twilight' bite (LA Times)
'Twilight' produces Comic-Con squealing (Zap2it)
Get ready for our exclusive interview with 'Twilight' author Stephenie Meyer (EW PopWatch)
Kicked Out of Comic-Con by Twilight Fans? This is Crazy! (First Showing)
Exclusive: Comic-Con 2008 Preview Night in Photos! (First Showing)
It's TWILIGHT at Comic Con! (IESB)
Comic Con 2008: Twilight, Knowing, Push (Spout Blog)
SDCC 08: Summit Entertainment’s ‘Twilight’ (Geeks of Doom)
Comic-Con ‘08: Summit Panel - Twilight (Screen Rant)
Twilight Fans Storm Comic-Con, Rewarded With Extended Vampire Fight Scene (Rotten Tomatoes)
'Twilight' fans camp out for a peek (and a scream) (Associated Press)
Comic-Con: Screaming throng greets 'Twilight' cast (EW PopWatch)
Comic-Con: 'Twilight' fan-demonium, ears are ringing (LA Times)
SDCC 08: Twilight Time (IGN Aus)
Twilight at Comic-Con: Catherine Hardwicke Wants to Do ‘New Moon’ (Film School Rejects)
Comic-Con SUMMIT Panel: Twilight, Knowing, Push (U.G.O. Movie Blog)
Comic-Con Brings Out the Stars, and Plugs for Movies (NY Times)
TWILIGHT Comic-Con Panel Makes the Young Girls Go Wild! (Ain't It Cool)
'Twilight' Cast Craziness at Comic-Con (ET Online)
'Twilight' Time at Comic-Con (Washington Post)
Wolverine, Max Payne, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Twilight and more... (Empire Online)
'Twilight' Freak Out (MSN)
and True Blood at Comic Con (Time)
Comic Con: Twilight Cast Gets Screamed At (Cinema Blend)
Thursday highlights: 'Dexter,' 'Twilight' and more (USA Today)
Fans Adore Twilight's New Vamp (Sci Fi Wire)
Girls go wild at Comic-Con's 'Twilight' showcase (Hollywood Reporter)
Teens in the Twilight zone (The Strait Times, newspaper photos)
's Edward Discusses Diamond Skin Effect (Reelz Channel)
Comic-Con: Summit Entertainment (Dark Horizons)
CON: Twilight (JoBlo)
Exclusive! Stephenie Meyer Reveals a Spoiler (EW)

Other Links
IMDb Coverage's Summary
EW's PopWatch Coverage
Rope Of Silicon Coverage
Twilighters Anonymous Summary Summary (go here for the complete list of Catherine's Twitter updates.)
Everglow's contest (Trading cards)
Keep sending in your stuff anyway. I'm having fun.

ETA: Hell yeah, I'm proud. Sorry that I'm so late. Took me 2-3 hours to get it, and I am not getting email notifications anymore...HDU LJ.
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